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10yr Old Nude Models _VERIFIED_

In 1975, photographer Garry Gross took several nude photographs of a 10-year-old Brooke Shields that were later published in a Playboy publication called Sugar and Spice. This series of photographs has been the source for controversy for decades. But many internet users were blissfully unaware of the images until one appeared in a meme featuring a photograph of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and passed around on social media:

10yr old nude models

Washington Post: It was Mom who decided six years ago to let Gross take pictures of her nude daughter for a book, published the next year by Playboy Press, called "Sugar and Spice." Then a funny thing happened to little Brooke: she burst out of her cocoon and turned into a great big star, just like that. Suddenly the pictures acquired a new and alluring value; and suddenly Brooke and Mom decided that, with the book out of print, Gross had no business peddling the pictures anywhere else, even though Mom had signed a release for them.

This wasn't the only time these nude images of Shields were at the center of a controversy. In 2009, artist Richard Prince, known for "reproduction" photography, used one of Gross' images of Shields for an artwork entitled "Spiritual America." The photograph was set to be displayed at the Tate Modern Gallery, but it was removed after Scotland Yard suggested that it might violate London's obscenity laws.

For Sylvia Shults, 39, of Pekin, nude modeling is a pleasure. It's two hours she gets to drift off and ponder plots for her next romance novel or new wine recipes. She doesn't even think about the naked part.

That's why nude models are hard to come by, said William Butler, executive director of the Contemporary Arts Center and monitor of the Tuesday evening figure-drawing class. Shults is the perfect model, Butler said, but the artists like to alternate so they can practice drawing different figures.

"Sometimes I have to take what I can get, and in really desperate measures, I have to beg people," he said, noting that most nude models are women because artists have always portrayed the female body as more beautiful than the male body. Also, female bodies are simpler but more curvaceous.

The Scorpions generally had the good sense to offset overt sexuality with a comedic touch (see 1979's Lovedrive, for instance). Unfortunately, the group's 1976 LP, Virgin Killer, is another story: Its original cover art depicting a nude, provocatively posed 10-year-old girl has little competition as being the most scandalous album cover image of all time.

In the pictorial, Blondeau appeared with other child models dressed in adult clothing, wearing heavy makeup and sporting shoes, furs and jewelry that were clearly too big for their diminutive bodies. At the time the pictures came out and were met with moderate outrage, Jenna Sauers wrote a post for Jezebel, a blog dedicated to "celebrity, sex, and fashion ... without airbrushing," that added some context to the photos.

Many of fashion's most famous faces got their starts well before they were adults, Sauers wrote. As opposed to taking a 14-year-old and making her look convincingly like an adult, the Vogue Paris spread created a satirical image of youth in the fashion industry by being clear that the models were actually children.

Joining the more recent conversation, Sauers reinforced her opinion about the photo spread but noted that Blondeau's entire body of work does, in fact, reflect the hypersexualization of models who are too young to be viewed in such mature light.

Let's look at Brook Shields. There were many suggestive photos taken of her at around the age of this girl and Brook was completely nude in many of them. She turned out fine in the end. I personally think that as long as this little girl is having fun and not being pushed into a life that robs her of her youth, I don't see a problem.

Sorry, France, the world doesn't get satirical humor. I gets what your saying; but perhaps an article slamming the industry's lust for youth over mature models would have been better to accompany a spread shot. Additionally, placing a more properly aged woman on your cover rather than a sixteen year old would have further made your criticism of youthful models in a mag targeted for mid20s-50s.

Gross was the photographer of a controversial set of nude images, two containing full-frontal nudity, taken in 1975 of a then ten-year-old Brooke Shields, with the consent of her mother, Teri Shields, for the Playboy publication Sugar 'n' Spice. The images show Shields standing and sitting in a bathtub while wearing makeup and oil. In 1981, Brooke Shields attempted to prevent further use of the photographs but in 1983 a US Court ruled that a child is bound by the terms of the valid, unrestricted consents to the use of photographs executed by a guardian and that the image did not breach child pornography laws.[4] In ruling, the presiding Judge stated: "The issue on this appeal is whether an infant model may disaffirm a prior unrestricted consent executed on her behalf by her parent and maintain an action pursuant to section 51 of the Civil Rights Law against her photographer for republication of photographs of her. We hold that she may not."[4]

Stars, singers, celebrities and models are getting younger and younger these days.But how young is young?Move over 90's born child, coz the new millenium babies are thriving in.This is old news but something worth bringing up again.Born in 2001 *gasp*, Thylane Blondeau, a 10 year old model, was on the cover of French Vogue last year and the photos struck a massive controversy.Styled in adult form shoes and clothings, with full make up and lipsticks, the 10 year-old model appeared in the magazine in a much provocative manner.Vogue Paris Dec/Jan 2011 editionSensual if you're 25, but 10? Definitely crossing the provocative line.See and judge for yourself.Some say these images promotes pedophilia, other says it's high fashion.What you do think?Here's a compilation of her other shots,Yes she's popular.Sources: dailymail uk, huffington post, abc news.

The debate was fueled on whether the photos of this little girl, whose been on the planet a mere decade, were too provocative. Initially, I wanted to believe my perception was off the mark, so I tried giving Vogue the benefit of the doubt. At a time when fashion models are getting younger and younger, I thought, surely this is simply a satire on the industry, after all, the runways are being overrun with mere babes, and the retirement age for the average model is laughable at approximately 26 years old. Unfortunately my hopes of this ad campaign spoofing the industry were dashed, when I began seeing more disturbing photos of Thylane apart from the initial Vogue spread.

The role of Elli was originally supposed to be played by a 20-year-old actress, but after filmmaker Sandra Wollner decided to remove some of the more explicit sex scenes, she decided to change the age of Elli to 10 years old. It seems there were steps taken to protect the young actress Lena because, although there are many nude scenes of Elli in the film, Lena was never actually naked. All nudity was done with CGI. Additionally, the young actress wore a silicone mask and wig to not only hide her identity, but also to help her better understand that this was just a role she was playing for the film.

+++ Fact-based story of a Renaissance artist who sparked cultural controversy by breaking a taboo against women painting nude figures, and entered a personal scandal when she became the lover of her highly respected mentor. Merlet's lively style blends painterly images with brisk cinematic movement.

Sex/Nudity: Numerous scenes of artists' nude models, one explicit sex scene, one sequence in a bordello including group sex, 3 porn drawings, lots of anatomical drawings. Violence: One explicit torture scene to extract a confession. Profanity: None. Drugs: Scenes of wine drinking.

Sex/Nudity: Fairly explicit sex scene, a sensuous bath scene, and one character is shown nude from behind while running into the ocean. Violence: One mugging scene. Profanity: 13, mostly mild. Drugs: 6 instances of smoking, drinking.

Purpose: Adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) can often be controlled with surgery and postoperative adjuvant radiotherapy but is also characterized by late local recurrence and distant metastasis. No effective systemic therapeutic agents have been found to alter the natural history of ACC. Therefore, new therapeutic approaches are needed. In this study, we evaluated whether vandetanib (Zactima), a potent inhibitor of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 (VEGFR-2) and epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) tyrosine kinases, had antitumor efficacy in vitro and in an orthotopic nude mouse model of human ACC.


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