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We also wanted to be able to know: What is the best way to grow crystal methamphetamine right now? We know the best way to grow is in a laboratory, researchers, police, and chemists know the best way to grow crystal meth. They have money to spend, more importantly, they have clean glassware. Why? These people want the most pure methamphetamine possible to make sure that any street grown product is actually crystal meth. Any user we interviewed got crystal meth from a street source. The mansions, cars, and bank accounts of scientists and chemists are not common on the street.

Your crystal ball is possibly crystal meth itself. It will make you think. It makes you want it. It says it is dangerous, but it won’t harm your body. It says you will have short, but glorious life. It says none of it will be permanent, but remember, as you die, you drop out of the gene pool.

But that’s the way I see this situation. Everyone I talk to agrees that you don’t know who’s going to become an outlier and substance abuser. The more I write, the more I think, someone will slip through my fingers. Therefore, I will continue to attach every single FBI-related email I can find to the lead of this crystal meth case. d2c66b5586


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