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The Aircraft Mechanic Book Download VERIFIED

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Ohm's Law for Mechanics Computes voltage, amps, ohms, and watts. Torque Wrench with Extension Calculator Makes your job easier by computing torque setting for torque wrench adapters. Torque conversions for foot-pounds, inch-pounds, ounce-inch, and Newton-meter. Includes common torque values, fastener strengths, torque calculation. Produce your own torque wrench extension chart. Turn of the nut torque, nylock nut torques. We make torque easy. Grease Selector - Select the proper grease for the job. Mil-spec data. Type explanation. Anti-Seize Selector - Select the proper anti-seize for the job. Specifications, differences. Fastener Strength - Aircraft hardware series - computes bolt breaking, yield, torque, clamp force. Includes large library of fastener strength values. Includes nut strength, shear strength, nut strength, hydrogen embrittlement, zinc coating on high strength bolts, hex nut tensile strength. Nut K factors including effect of phosphate coating on bolt torque. Aircraft Navigation Bulbs - Visual identification chart and application data for aircraft light bulbs. Makes your job easier. Aircraft Fittings - Visual identification chart of over 50 fittings used on aircraft. Includes port identification, port O'rings, torque specifications, npt fittings, gasket application, sealing application. Aircraft AN fittings, JIC fittings, flare for AN fittings. All the information you need to know about aircraft fittings. Cowling 1/4 turn Captive Fasteners - Includes Camloc fastener, Dzus fastener, Southco fastener, and Airloc. Visual identification. Aircraft Drain Valves - Over 41 different types of drain valves are pictured in the visual identification chart. Includes application data. Curtis, Safair, and MDI valves are listed. Saves you time. Pressure conversions Converts between psi - inches of water - inches of mercury - atmosphere Aircraft Battery Tester Computes battery state of charge for 12 or 24 volt aircraft and 12 volt automotive based on voltage, or specific gravity. Applies temperature correction. Compares self-discharge rates versus temperature for sealed and flooded batteries. Tells you how long the battery can sit before discharge and/or damage. Includes battery wiring diagrams. Shelf Life computes expiration date by quarter for rubber products. For shops who must keep track of cure date for rubber products. Includes shelf life table for common items. Shelf-Life definitions and discussion of shelf-life issues. Alternator Charging System Checker step-by-step instructions for diagnosing aircraft alternator charging system problems. Alternator types, testing. Regulator types, pin-out diagrams, mounting diagrams, troubleshooting information. Aircraft Hose Shop Hose types, specifications, part numbers, Firesleeve. Helps you select the proper aircraft hose or hose assembly. The easiest way to learn about aircraft hose. Starter Analyzer Step-by-step instructions using voltage checks for checking the aircraft starter system. Slick Magneto Shop Step-by-step instructions on inspecting the Slick 4300 & 6300 series magneto. Program lets you take apart the magneto and shows you what to inspect and what you need to do the inspection. Smart tools for the smart mechanic Part Number cross reference Confusing and obsolete part numbers are a real drag. This is the solution. We'll help you find the right one. Many aircraft parts have multiple part numbers. This program finds alternates, cross references, and related numbers for over 37,000 general aviation parts. Lubrication mil-spec references and cross -reference tables for hardware. Horsepower Computes Brake horsepower, Indicated horsepower, BMEP, Calculates horsepower correction for non-standard conditions, Propeller Load Curve, Mechanical efficiency, Thermal efficiency, Volumetric efficiency, Metric horsepower, Electrical horsepower, RAC horsepower, Boiler horsepower, DIN horsepower, SAE horsepower, Engine displacement, Heat capacity of fuels, Brake


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