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Tareekh E Baghdad In Urdu Pdf Free 124

Tareekh e Baghdad in Urdu PDF Free 124

Tareekh e Baghdad (History of Baghdad) is a famous book written by the medieval Islamic scholar Al-Khatib al-Baghdadi (1002-1071 CE). The book contains biographies of more than 7,000 scholars, saints, rulers, poets, and other notable figures who lived in or visited Baghdad, the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate. The book is considered one of the most important sources for the history and culture of Baghdad and the Islamic world in general.


The book was originally written in Arabic and has been translated into several languages, including Persian, Turkish, and Urdu. The Urdu translation was done by Abdul Halim Sharar (1860-1926 CE), a renowned novelist, historian, and journalist from India. Sharar translated the book in 12 volumes, each containing about 500 pages. The translation was published by Matba Anwari in Lucknow in 1903 CE.

The Urdu translation of Tareekh e Baghdad is a valuable resource for Urdu readers who are interested in learning about the rich and diverse history of Baghdad and its people. The book covers various aspects of life in Baghdad, such as religion, politics, literature, arts, sciences, education, trade, and social customs. The book also provides insights into the lives and works of some of the most influential figures in Islamic history, such as Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malik, Imam Shafi'i, Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Imam Tirmidhi, Imam Nasa'i, Imam Abu Dawud, Imam Ibn Majah, Imam Ghazali, Imam Razi, Imam Nawawi, Imam Suyuti, Imam Ibn Taymiyyah, Imam Ibn al-Qayyim, Imam Ibn Kathir, Imam Qurtubi, Imam Bayhaqi, Imam Tabari, Imam Dhahabi, Imam Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani, Imam Sakhawi, Imam Suyuti, and many others.

The Urdu translation of Tareekh e Baghdad is available online for free download from various websites. One of them is the Internet Archive, which offers the PDF files of all 12 volumes of the book. The total size of the files is about 124 MB. The files can be accessed from the following link: [Tareekh-e-Islam Urdu].

Another website that offers the PDF files of Tareekh e Baghdad in Urdu is Rekhta, which is a platform for Urdu poetry and literature. Rekhta provides the option to read the book online or download it as a single file. The file size is about 128 MB. The file can be accessed from the following link: [Tarikh-e-Baghdad by Abdul Halim Sharar].

Tareekh e Baghdad in Urdu PDF free 124 is a great opportunity for Urdu readers to explore and appreciate the history and culture of Baghdad and the Islamic world. The book is a treasure trove of information and inspiration for anyone who wants to learn more about the legacy of Islam and its civilization.


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