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Silverfast Ai Studio 8 ##HOT## Crack Mac Os

A further feature of the Studio- and SE Plus-Version is the AACO Auto-Adaptive Contrast Optimization. This function works fully automatically, optimizes the dark image areas with a low contrast by keeping sufficient drawing in the bright areas. The studio version can also save images in JPEG2000 format and save ITPC comments in the single image files.

Silverfast Ai Studio 8 Crack Mac Os

More highlights of the studio version are available in the image processing: At many features there is an expert-mode available. If you activate this you have a lot of extra parameters for the fine adjustment of the image optimization. There is also a 16-Bit Histogram. With this you can make your settings for the black- and whitepoint and midtones. Depending on your selection you can view combined or separated color channels. Also the choice between RGB and CMY mode is possible with the 16 Bit Histogram. Masks and layers can be used for iSRD and the selective color correction with SilverFast Ai Studio. This is especially for Kodachrome and black-and-white pictures. Editing your own NegaFix profiles will cause much better results for negatives. And the Jobmanager is a batch tool for making scanning much more comfortable.

The SilverFast ArchivSuite is a bundle of two SilverFast-products, SilverFast Ai Studio and SilverFast HDR Studio. With SilverFast Ai Studio, raw scans can be generated that are later processed in SilverFast HDR Studio and further processed to definite image files. For further information of both studio versions, see above. There is also the opportunity to purchase the SilverFast SE Archive Suite. This bundle contains SilverFast SE Plus and SilverFast HDR Studio.

Hi all.I quite recently bought an Epson perfection v850 and i'm trying to decide which software to use for scanning 48bit raw images for tweaking (reflective scanning of objects, not film scanning).I have been using silverfast se plus 8 which came with the scanner, and my raw scans are very dark and i discovered i need to get additional software to make use of them properly.What would you recommend i do?

The easiest and very fast way to copy slides is with the nikon d850 and the relevant slide copying attachment and a led studio light. Scanners are way too slow for this. Results are excellent and if one has difficult slides simply do them HDR. Topaz sharpenAI also is great for fixing soft slides. Shoot with the emulsion side to the camera and then reverse the slide in Lightroom for absolutely accurate focus.


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