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Buy Silver Bullion Near Me

Purchasing gold and silver bullion -- whether in the form of coins, bars, or rounds -- is a prudent decision for investors and wealth protectors alike. The Federal Reserve continues to issue huge numbers of debt backed instruments, called Federal Reserve Notes (or their electronic equivalent), thereby devaluing each unit already in existence and levying the most insidious of taxes, the hidden inflation tax.

buy silver bullion near me

Money Metals Exchange, the national source for buying and selling precious metals named "Best in the USA," has unveiled a new local directory. Along with local coin and bullion shops, our directory includes our state law information pages containing up-to-date information on sales tax laws, capital gains laws, bullion depository laws, legal tender laws and more important details pertaining to each individual state in the union.

Precious metals such as silver have long been an alternative to traditional investments such as stocks and bonds. When times get tough or the economy faces severe inflationary pressures, some investors turn to silver to hedge their bets or to invest more defensively. Silver prices spiked in March 2023 following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, as concerns were raised about the stability of the financial system.

We are beginning to see further cracks in the global bank and financial system that are only further propelling the world into a run for their liquid cash, clean balance sheets, and physical bullion products.

Since then, SD Bullion has executed more than $2 Billion in sales and hit Inc. Magazines list of 500 Fastest Growing Companies in the United States twice. We did all this while staying true to our original mission of offering the absolute lowest prices on gold bullion and silver bullion in the industry, guaranteed.

We have also stayed committed to investors wanting the highest level of education on the how and why to invest in gold and silver. Whether you want to stay up-to-date with live spot prices or analyze the price of gold and the price of silver; or maybe you want to understand gold investing fundamentals or silver investing fundamentals; we have it covered.

We offer nationally competitive buy - sell spreads on the most popular forms of gold & silver bullion including American Gold & Silver Eagles, American Gold Buffalos, Canadian Gold & Silver Maple leafs, South African Krugerrands, Austrian Gold & Silver Philharmonics, Australian Kangaroos, Chinese Gold Pandas, Gold bars both Swiss and domestic, one ounce Silver Buffalo Rounds, 10 ounce Silver Bars and 100 ounce Silver Bars. We offer the BEST up to the minute buy & sell prices (our website refreshes every 60 seconds) consistently among local merchants.

While both gold and silver have attractive features, gold is the better investment for the average precious metals investor. Gold has a much larger liquid market that is driven mostly by investment and jewelry demand. The price of gold is less volatile than that of silver, too.

Meanwhile, silver is more speculative and has a stronger relationship to economic activity. This is because silver has many industrial uses. As such, silver can be attractive during down cycles when the price of the metal is cheap.

Bullion coins, such as Gold American Eagles, are the best type of precious metals for most investors. This is because sovereign coins are easily recognizable, easy to trade, and generally sell at higher premiums than bars. You could buy smaller bullion bars, such as a 1 oz bullion bar, but they tend to be harder to sell back and the transaction costs are higher.

Are you interested in investing in silver? Buying silver bars is a great way to do that. Much betterthan just keeping cash under your mattress, buying silver is often seen as an investment against thedollar or in times of economic uncertainty. Silver is much less expensive, and often more volatilethan gold, making it a popular investment for individuals who think precious metals are going toincrease in price. Silver bars can be purchased in fractions so they are appropriate for yourinvestment size. Stop in our shop at Ridge Coin today to learn more about purchasing silver bars.

Like many other products buying gold online can be as easy as point-and-click. The best dealers have a well-organized website with easy navigation to find and compare products by category (i.e., bullion by weight, coins, out-of-mint coins, etc.). With most dealers, once you find the product you want and start the checkout process your price is locked in for a short period, typically 10 to 15 minutes. You need to complete your purchase before the pricing expires, or you may see the price adjusted up or down based on how the market is moving.

Yes, gold dealers report to the IRS. These companies are required to report when a customer makes a cash payment of $10,000 or more, or when they sell a large amount of bulk gold or silver pieces. Gold dealers either report using the IRS form 1099-B or 8300.

A&D Coin is a reputable silver coin dealer in Sacramento that will pay you cash for any and all silver you have. We are one of the best places that buy silver and pay you cash on the spot.

We buy all silver bars, silver coins, American Silver Eagles, silver rounds, sterling silver, 90% silver, junk silver, silver bullion, silverware, flatware, silver coins, silver sets, bag silver, wholesale silver, old silver dollars, foreign silver, $1000 face value silver, bulk junk silver, investment silver, we even pay cash for silver plated items and so much more.

We buy any and all silver coins such as: Old silver coins, silver world coins, graded silver coins, slabbed silver coins, mint silver coins, proof silver coins, Silver Coin Sets and other silver coins. Click for sell silver coins

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If yo want to sell silver for cash, even if you have an entire silver collection, come on down to our Sacramento silver shop and lets see what we can do for you. Or give us a call at: 916-487-5852

All Scottsdale Mint products are 100% guaranteed in their purity, weight and content of precious metals. As one of only a few operating mints in the United States, Scottsdale Mint prides itself on offering the highest quality gold and silver on the market. If you have any questions or concerns about any products on our site, you can contact customer support for friendly and knowledgeable assistance.

It is possible to track the value of your 10 oz silver bar through reliable websites like or through the investment portal of your choice. You are also welcomed to reach out to your customer service representatives to better understand the value of your silver and gold investments.

The best 10 oz silver bar to buy will depend entirely on your budget and your preferences. If possible, you might invest in a few different silver bar styles, so you can get a better feel for what investments make the most sense for your lifestyle.

We at Scottsdale Mint are partial to our own branded silver bullion bars, particularly our chunky 10 oz silver bar. Because we mint our products ourselves, we can be certain of the high purity and quality of our silver, and we will offer higher buyback rates for our own products.

You can also find secondary market silver bars on our site. These are previously owned silver bars, which can range in condition from like-new to slightly flawed, and they are sold by weight. If you are interested in selling your 10 oz silver bar back to Scottsdale Mint, you can contact our customer support for buyback pricing and other services.

Ordered on Jan 31 during the silver rush, got them a few weeks later. Packaging was discrete, no clinking, no scratches & very shiny. Weight was good, slightly over even. Did I mention shiny? Yeah I think I did. Will do business again.

Note: It does not mean that your item is worth $22. It only means it has an intrinsic value of $22. To release the value it may have to be sent to a refinery, and the process of extracting the pure silver costs money.

Silver bullion bars contain 99.9% silver which is the closest you can get to pure silver. They can be bought and sold as-is and have a good resale value. They are popular with investors who want to add physical silver to their investment portfolio.

Like silver bullion bars, 99.9% fine silver coins in mint condition are popular with investors and have a good resale value. However, there are more coin collectors and investors that buy silver coins than there are investors that buy silver bullion bars.

The price you will be offered for your item is based on its market value, less an amount the pawnshop considers fair that will allow them to make a reasonable profit on an item that might take months to sell. And remember, the silver price fluctuates daily, adding additional risk for the pawnshop.

These days, with the stock market's wild ups and downs and an uncertain economic outlook, investors are considering alternative investments in precious metals like gold and silver. But taking a plunge in the silver market isn't as clear-cut as buying into a mutual fund. So before you exchange your hard-earned green for some silver, it's a good idea to nail down the basics. Here's what you need to know.

Just as with gold, investing in silver can take numerous forms. Broadly speaking, silver investors have two options right from the outset -- invest in the physical metal or purchase a financial security that moves with the price of silver.

"Silver bars are made of (nearly) pure silver, and they normally trade at a small premium above (the prevailing market) value for silver," says Chris Zeches, vice president of Zeches Financial Services, a wealth management firm based in Tucson, Ariz. 041b061a72