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Xbox Live Gold Games For January 2015

You probably know by now that being an Xbox Live Gold member gets you free games every month. You may have seen by now that some really cool stuff has been given away totally free as a result of this program. But January 2015 really, really takes the cake so far.

Xbox Live Gold Games For January 2015

Players with active Xbox Live Gold memberships (excluding trial memberships and "Free Gold" weekends) may download the games during their respective availability periods. When downloaded, the game belongs to the user even if they subsequently drop their Xbox Live Gold membership. Two titles are released a month, with the exception of June 2014 (which saw a third game released alongside the second to celebrate the one year anniversary of the program), April 2015 (which saw the release of four games, two in each half) and December 2015 (which saw a third game released alongside the second). The first game is free to download from the first of the month until the fifteenth, and then the second is available to download from the sixteenth until the end of the month.

Beginning in July 2015, Microsoft announced the expansion of the Games With Gold program to officially offer two games each month for the Xbox One, just like with the Xbox 360. Each game will be offered for a full month, with one game being available from the 1st of the month until the last day of the month and the second game being available from the 16th of the month until the 15th of the following month. This was a change from previous policy: when the program had begun including Xbox One games, it had started with two games, rotating them so that each month included one new game and one game that had been offered the month before.

1. Hardware and software requirements apply. Feature availability may vary by device. Some editions excluded. More details at Cortana available in select global markets at launch.3. Xbox Live features, including game recording, only available with supported games in Xbox Live-supported countries. See Direct X12 only available with supported games and graphics chips. Limited number of games available in 2015 that support cross-device play; additional games to follow. Multiplayer streaming from Xbox One requires home network connection and Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately); Gold also required for multiplayer play on Xbox One.

Since the release of MX vs ATV Alive, THQ went bankrupt and was acquired by Nordic Games, who also took the MX vs ATV franchise. That included assembling most of the team which developed all previous MX vs ATV games, and releasing MX vs ATV Supercross in October 2014.

Microsoft's Xbox One can run circles around its predecessor in terms of processing power ... so why can't it play the same games? As it turns out, it can. During its E3 2015 press conference, Microsoft announced backward compatibility that will allow you to play Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One.

In case you missed it, PS Plus subscribers are getting the following three games for January 2023: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Axiom Verge 2, and Fallout 76. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is one of the most popular games of the last generation, one of 2019's best games, and a game getting a sequel in March. Its inclusion has obviously proven popular among subscribers. Meanwhile, Axiom Verge 2 just released last year and is a sequel to one of 2015's most popular games, Axiom Verge. And then there is Fallout 76, which was divisive when it was released, but is played by many and is obviously a Fallout game that carries weight.

The Xbox One system software, sometimes called the Xbox OS, or Xbox Dashboard (when a person is referring to software updates), is the operating system developed exclusively for the Xbox One consoles. It is a Microsoft Windows-based operating system using the Hyper-V virtual machine monitor and contains separate operating systems for games and applications that can run on the console. It is located on the internal HDD for day-to-day usage, while also being duplicated on the internal NAND storage of the console for recovery purposes and factory reset functionality. The Xbox One allows users to download applications that add to the functionality of the dashboard. From June 2014 onwards, entertainment apps no longer required the user to be signed into a valid Xbox Live Gold account in order to use the features advertised for the given app. Since launch, Microsoft has been updating the OS monthly, with updates downloaded from the Xbox Live service directly to the Xbox One and subsequently installed, or by using offline recovery images downloaded via a PC. In November 2015, a major system update known as the New Xbox One Experience was released, which brought very significant changes to the design and functionality of the system. The Windows 10-based Core had replaced the Windows 8-based one in this update, and the new system is sometimes referred to as "Windows 10 on Xbox One".

The Xbox One console runs on an operating system that includes the Windows 10 core, although initially it included the Windows 8 core at the Xbox One's release. The Xbox One system software contains a heavily modified Hyper-V hypervisor (known as NanoVisor) as its host OS and two partitions. One of the partitions, the "Exclusive" partition is a custom virtual machine (VM) for games; the other partition, the "Shared" partition is a custom VM for running multiple apps. The Shared Partition contained the Windows 8 Core at launch until November 2015, where via a system update known as the "New Xbox One Experience", it was upgraded to the Windows 10 Core. With Windows 10, Universal Windows Platform apps became available on Xbox One. According to the current head of Microsoft's Gaming division, Phil Spencer, "The importance of entertainment and games to the Windows ecosystem has become really prevalent to the company".[1] The program that Microsoft launched allows developers to build a single app that can run on a wide variety of devices, including personal computers and Xbox One video game consoles.[2] According to Polygon, Microsoft removed the distinction between Xbox One and Windows PC.[1]

While like other video game consoles the Xbox One is primarily designed for playing games, it is more than a game console. It is an entertainment hub for games, television, music, and videos. Mainly the console focuses on functionality and entertainment as a whole. At Gamescom 2014 Microsoft unveiled a new plan to remedy this and make earnest on the Xbox One's label as the "all-in-one entertainment" solution by way of expanding its media support. The Xbox One's media player is quite similar to the Xbox 360's playback suite in terms of form and function, however the newer console now supports more than 30 formats including the MKV container and GIF files. The Xbox One console also does some unique things. For example, its owners can control their television broadcasts using the device, as well as use it as a functioning DVR.[12] Apart from streaming music and videos via Play (Charms > Devices > Play), there is also a networked approach. There are two primary ways to do this. The first is to stream media from a computer or tablet, and the second is to play it directly off of a USB flash drive. The advantage of this method over the Play system is that users can do it all from wherever they sit via the Xbox One, instead of sending the video from a PC to their console.[13] Aside from multimedia files, Xbox One plays CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, and it also comes with DLNA and MKV support, which means that downloaded video files can be streamed via the PC or transported via external hard drive and USBs. Meanwhile, the interactive TV Guide allows users to turn on and control a television with their voice. Furthermore, the system comes with a comprehensive range of applications related to multimedia features. In the United States , video channels include for example the Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, Hulu Plus and Netflix. Microsoft had announced that the Xbox One was awarded for its multimedia capabilities at the 66th Annual Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards in early 2015, and the prize was given for the Xbox One's television-on-demand functions.[14]

The Xbox One was not backward compatible with either the original Xbox or the Xbox 360 console at launch,[15] and Microsoft had admitted that attempts to use cloud streaming to allow Xbox 360 games to be played on Xbox One proved to be "problematic".[16] However, during its E3 press conference on June 15, 2015, Microsoft announced plans to introduce Xbox 360 backward compatibility using the software method on the Xbox One.[17] Supported Xbox 360 games are supposed to run within a software emulator provided by the updated system software, implementing both the hardware and software of the Xbox 360. Xbox One recording and broadcasting features are supported along with Xbox 360 multiplayer, achievements and cloud save access.[18]

During the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 in June, Microsoft discussed three major features that later came to Xbox One consoles in November 2015: Windows 10 streaming, Xbox 360 backward compatibility, and an interface redesign known as the New Xbox One Experience.[46] In advance of the public release of Windows 10, a July 2015 update let users stream games from their Xbox One to any device running Windows 10, a feature announced in January 2015.[47] The service streams only to one device at a time.[48]

Microsoft aims to release frequent updates to the Xbox One console, mainly containing new or improved features and faster installation and loading times for games and apps.[58] The largest of which was in November 2015, named the New Xbox Experience update.[59][60]

"Netflix for video games" may be a recent phrase, but the concept itself isn't new. Both Sega and Nintendo experimented with it back in the 16-bit era with the Sega Channel for the Genesis and Satellaview for the Super Famicom (the Japanese Super NES). More recently, Sony launched its PlayStation Now service for the PlayStation 4 and other devices in January 2015. 041b061a72


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