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Igo Primo For 800x480 Windows Ce 6.0 62

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Igo Primo For 800x480 Windows Ce 6.0 62

Along with a bit of artifacting around the curves of the subjects, the performanceof the 2.5GHz Liquid Jade Primo under load is also very good. The 1.5GHz hardware it wasrunning on does better, but is still better than the Lumia 950s, and with the MT6582processor, the touchscreen also performs well.

Igo Primo is almost certainly a Chinese knockoff of the once popular PocketPC, and it feels like it. With its chunky bezel, plastic body and resistive touchscreen, it reminds me of all the handheld devices I used as a child. But at 1 inch tall and 0.7 inch wide, and with an 800x480 screen, it can fit in a jacket pocket and still have plenty of room for a quarter or two. In terms of its under-the-surface performance, it seems like a low-powered Windows Phone, but in that case, theres a tradeoff: its not quick. Its not entirely clear how it works, but the phone seems to have a double-core CPU, a fingerprint scanner and a SIM slot.

Plugging in the power pack, which generates an unusual magnetic attraction of its own, and the phone turns on. Acer models are often hard to wake up, but this one was instantly ready to use. If its not already installed, an Acer Care Center app pops up, where you can download Acer Apps and get customer support from Acer. Theres also a clock widget and app launcher on the homescreens; a panel on the back houses the SIM and microSD card slots, including the Windows Phone recovery. The phone comes with an AC adapter and a Micro-USB cable that lets you plug your camera into the phone. Theres also a charging indicator light on the housing, and power is supplied by a wall adapter or battery. 3d9ccd7d82


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