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The Oxford DeClicker features three discrete sections for removing pops, clicks and crackle from your sound. Each has a threshold and sensitivity control to define the number of events that are detected and removed. The unique Events Graph shows the level and duration of each pop, click and crackle as it's detected in three separate colour-coded groups.

Thenatan and Global Audio Tools have teamed up again to bring music makers across the globe a jam packed powerful tool for the taking.Today we bring you all a plugin we like to call "Poizen". Loaded with hundreds of instruments and after market expansions this tool is a must have for any producer making music as its inspiried by artist such as Drake, Wiz Khalifa, The Weekend, Gucci and inspired by producers such as Johnny Julianno, Cardo Got Wings, Boi-1da, we are confident you will find many gems within in monster plugin that you will find yourself using time and time again, over and over! It contains musical instruments ranging from Sub Low Bass, 808's, Bells, Grand Pianos, Plucks,Pads and much much more, not to mention the after market expansions that we will be providing you all.Those expansions are ranging from Drum Expansions, 808 Expansions,Hit Expansions, and more playable instrument expansions! There is also 4 layers to add even more uniqueness to the sounds that consist ofa vinyl crackle sound, a microphone room hissing sound,an impulse reverb response, and a sine wave to add and mix over the selected sound.Everything you'll need is in Poizen to start making banging beats, do not hesitate to Get your copy today!

DeClick 2 is designed to remove impulsive noise such as clicks, crackle, and thumps. These distortions are frequently encountered on LP and 78 RPM records, but also occur in digital recordings due to drop-outs or distorted data packets. DeClick 2's thump reduction works also effectively on vocal recordings with unwanted plosives. The algorithm has been improved in version 2 and is now less prone to reducing attacks and transients in the wanted signal.

DeNoise 2, DeClick 2, and DeHum 2 now support Mid/Side (M/S) processing, which can reduce unwanted fluctuations in the stereo image. The core algorithm in DeClick 2 received major improvements and now better preserves transients and can be pushed to higher click and crackle sensitivities without introducing artifacts.

My current eLicenser dongle already has some crackles on it. If this fragile piece of plastic shit stops working for some reason I will be forced to buy Nexus again(!!!). Its too risky. Its as if Nexus wants people to use the cracked versions instead of buying from them. Fantastic plugin but what a piece of shit company in terms of customer service.

When an audio signal contains many clicks that are close together and low in volume, this is described ascrackle. De-crackle is very effective at removing these audio problems and even more effective if it is runafter De-click has eliminated the worst offending clicks. 1e1e36bf2d


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