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Nuthana Padya Sangrahaya Pdf 11

Nuthana Padya Sangrahaya - A New Collection of Poems for A/L Students

Nuthana Padya Sangrahaya (නූතන පද්ය සග්රහය) is a book of poems prescribed for the Advanced Level (A/L) Sinhala Literature examination in Sri Lanka. It contains 50 poems selected from various sources, including modern and classical poets, folk songs, and religious texts. The book was published by Godage Publishers in 2017 and is available for purchase online .

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The book aims to introduce the students to the diversity and richness of Sinhala poetry, as well as to develop their critical and analytical skills. The poems cover a range of themes, such as love, nature, social issues, patriotism, spirituality, and aesthetics. The book also provides biographical information about the poets, historical and cultural context of the poems, literary devices and techniques used by the poets, and questions and answers for each poem.

The book is divided into four sections, according to the chronological order of the poems. The first section contains 11 poems from the ancient and medieval periods, such as Theri Gatha (තරී ගථ), Sigiri Graffiti (සීගිරි ලිපි), Paravi Sandeshaya (පරවි සන්දශය), and Kav Silumina (කව් සිළුමිණ). The second section contains 14 poems from the modern period, such as Guttila Kavyaya (ගුත්තිල කව්ය), Nisala Sihina (නිසල සිහින), Mage Kathawa (මග කතව), and Rathu Hattakari (රතු හට්ටකරී). The third section contains 13 poems from the contemporary period, such as Niyamuwa (නියamuwa), Maha Gedara Lamayek (මහ ගදර ලමයk), Thun Man Handiya (තuN මN හNdiya), and Kiyannam Maru (කiyannam මaru). The fourth section contains 12 poems from various sources, such as folk songs, Buddhist texts, Hindu texts, and Islamic texts.

The book is a valuable resource for A/L students who wish to study Sinhala Literature and appreciate the beauty and wisdom of Sinhala poetry. It is also a useful reference for teachers, scholars, and general readers who are interested in Sinhala poetry. The book can be downloaded as a PDF file from the e-Thaksalawa website, which is the official learning portal of the Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka.


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