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to load presets, you just click on them as you would with other normal patches. then, press the assign button on the left side of the display to map them to other knobs on the kontrol keyboard. this means there is an assign button on all the patches, so the ability to access and use all the knobs is not limited to what you can use on the kontakt instruments. there are no more knobs available; the eight assign buttons are all you need to activate the controls on the instrument. if you find this to be frustrating, then it gets very very frustrating. there is a button at the bottom left of the screen that moves all the controls into a timeline view which should make patching a little easier.

i like the way the controls have been designed; you can see that the knobs are sensitive to touch. if you apply any level of pressure, the knob will change the associated display, and the slider beneath the knob moves with it. the slider appears to be the size of the knob, so there is a generous sense of precision in the tactile controls. a nice touch. after the knobs are assigned, theyre visible on the screen at all times. you can scroll over and click any of the knobs to assign different settings to them, and it gives you the option to change the parameters as well. you dont even need a mouse to assign the settings, so the versatility of the knobs is amazing.

midi effects - midi-equipped instruments make the ability to cross-grade direct into other plug-in instruments and effects chains a simple matter. at its heart, this is just a flexible and intuitive sequencing application. its great for users who are tired of plugins being used purely as transport devices (as has so often been the case) but still need to have some control over the sound produced. a selection of filters, effects, effects processors and modulators round out the mid-price package. i found the midi effects plug-in to be quite flexible in that it takes a lot of the burden out of making the sequence appear right and it even allows one to transport midi keyboard sequences. in many ways its a very simple core and theres a dedicated compatibility page on ni support (advertisements) which contains compatibility lists for every other plug-in. 3d9ccd7d82


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