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The L Word - Season 3

The third season of The L Word originally aired on Showtime from January 8, 2006 to March 26, 2006 and aired 12 episodes. The season begins six months after the birth of Tina and Bette's daughter, Angelica. New characters in this season include Moira Sweeney (a working class butch portrayed by Daniel Sea who is Jenny's girlfriend for most of the season) and Angus Partridge (portrayed by Dallas Roberts), Angelica's male nanny who later becomes Kit's lover.[1] Sweeney starts the process of transitioning switching his name to Max. Erin Daniels' character, Dana Fairbanks, starts in a multi-episode storyline dealing with a breast cancer battle and culminating with her death.[2] Notable of this season is that each episode begins with a short pre-credits vignette of two individuals meeting romantically or sexually. As the season progresses, lines from Alice's chart (see here) connect one member of each vignette with a new individual in the next. Helena's character storyline was switched from being Bette's rival into a new member of the circle of friends. Her story arc for the season involves the acquisition of a movie studio[3] in which Tina later works[4] and which further derives a sexual harassment lawsuit[5] that triggers her mother to cut her off financially in the season finale. Sarah Shahi's character, Carmen de la Pica Morales, ends her appearance in the show in the finale when Shane leaves her at the altar.

The L Word - Season 3

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The L Word: Generation Q season three is executive produced by showrunner Marja-Lewis Ryan, along with series creator Chaiken, Kristen Campo, Allyce Ozarski, Melody Derloshon, and original series stars Beals, Moennig and Hailey.

The Season 2 finale of the drama, which follows a group of lesbian and bisexual women through romances and life experiences, ended with Bette's (Beals) ex-wife Tina (Laurel Holloman) showing up at Bette's door. The trailer for Season 3 teases the beginning of their conversation, but Beals said she didn't know what to expect when she filmed the season finale.Advertisement

Regardless, it was this back-and-forth that contributed to fans musing about her potentially ramping up the drama on Gen Q, which has been decidedly less chaotic than the original in its first two seasons, for better or for worse depending on your personal preference.

In addition to the aforementioned returning cast members, there are several guest stars announced to appear this season. R&B icon Kehlani will play makeup artist and young mom Ivy who has been struggling to find the right partner.

Previously, a teaser for The L Word Generation Q Season 3 on Amazon Prime Video which I have thus far been unable to locate on my own interface for The L Word Generation Q but mark my words I sure will eventually! Luckily, fans have stepped in and recorded the teaser for us all to witness:

Melody Derloshon: Producer of The L Word Generation Q since Season One, has previously been credited with writing one episode each season, previous projects include Cougar Town and Telenovela.

In February, Showtime announced that they had renewed the series for a third season that would debut later this year. There will be ten episodes, and Leisha Hailey, Kate Moennig, Arienne Mandi, Leo Sheng, Rosanny Zayas, Jacqueline Toboni, Sepideh Moafi, Jamie Clayton, Jennifer Beals and Jordan Hull are all presumably returning to the show.

I Absolutely cannot wait for the next season to make its appearance, L WORD is the best series EVER,please never stop producing it, and if possible try to get the seasons out faster for us folk that hate to have to wait a year for the next binge!! Thank you for an awesome series!!

Ha! This is relatable. Even though what I want most is for Tina to be her own person, the catharsis of watching them get back together, FINALLY, in that elevator cannot be erased from my coming of gayge experience. I skipped from season 2 to season 5 just so I could watch them be back together

All I want for Christmas (besides a 4th season, obviously) is for Gen Q to deliver at least 10% of the storytelling-quality that A League of Their Own did with 2 fewer episodes in their season & arguably 2x the characters.

It's been a season of big changes, with a time skip, a main character leaving, and major life turning points for the characters. Bette and Tina got married and moved to Canada, Shane and Tess are going through relationship troubles, Finley is back from rehab, and Micah and Maribel are getting more serious.

The chemistry between the cast is really clicking, and so is the chemistry in the writer's room. The comedy this year is on point, and the plots are running on all cylinders. It's a great season of TV so far.

The L Word: Generation Q season 3 can be watched on the Showtime cable network or the Showtime app. In either situation, you need to have a subscription to showtime through a cable provider or directly through the app. You can also get Showtime via Paramount Plus with its Showtime bundle option.

Similarly, if you missed The L Word: Generation Q season 1 and 2 or just want to rewatch to get ready for season 3, both seasons are available for streaming now on the Showtime app and Paramount Plus.

"Picking up right where the dramatic season two cliffhanger left off, the series continues to follow the cast of characters as they struggle with secrets, old scars and new flames on their search for 'the one.' Bette Porter is on the brink of a devastating letdown or startling confession after Tina appears at her door; while they determine their future together, their daughter Angie embraces her new freedom at college, finding love in all the wrong places.

The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 1, "Last Year""Bette and Tina struggle to reconcile their past and future selves as Angie is dealt a shocking blow on her first day of college. Meanwhile, Shane adjusts to domestic life with Tess, and Alice questions what she wants in a partner." Read WTW's The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 1 recap.

The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 2, "LA Traffic""Bette and Shane break new ground with Tina and Tess; Sparks fly with Alice's latest prospect while Angie heals her heartbreak with a new flame; Finley competes for Maribel's favor and Dani puts hurt feelings aside for Gigi." Read WTW's The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 2 recap.

The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 3, "Quiz Show""Alice leverages her 100th episode as an opportunity to find 'The One' with help from a special appearance from guest host Margaret Cho. Dani cares for Gigi until old wounds drive them apart. Meanwhile, Shane competes for Tess's attention. Finley and Carrie make big moves, while Angie discovers a troubling revelation about her new flame." Read WTW's The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 3 recap.

The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 4, "Last to Know""Micah finds a queer role model while a new face helps Dani and Sophie break out of their funk. Meanwhile, Alice tests the waters of her new relationship. Shocking truths come to light when the masks come off." Read WTW's The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 4 recap.

The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 5, "Locked Out""Alice and Tess uncover the lies in their relationships. Shane has nowhere to run. Dani's fantasy with a sexy stranger threatens Sophie and Finley's newfound trust. Micah and Maribel struggle towards parenthood as Angie helps her roommate." Read WTW's The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 5 recap.

The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 6, "Questions for the Universe""Alice, Shane and Sophie grapple with their biggest questions on the path to finding The One." Read WTW's The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 6 recap.

The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 7, "Little Boxes""Alice searches for 'The One' while Dani fights her true feelings. Sophie jeopardizes Micah and Maribel's chance at parenthood. Finley acts as Carrie's wingman while Angie must confront a hard truth before furthering things with Hendrix." Read WTW's The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 7 recap.

The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 8, "Quality Family Time"""Chosen families come together at Thanksgiving when an unwelcome visitor brings Finley to her breaking point. Sophie realizes the price of her indecisiveness, while Maribel plans a grand gesture for Micah, and Carrie lets her true feelings slip. Across town, Dani kicks back for a solo holiday until unexpected circumstances push her and Dre closer and Shane and Angie volunteer together when a surprise sighting forces them to confront Angie's feelings." Read WTW's The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 8 recap.

The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 9, "Quiet Before the Storm""Alice's past mistakes blow up in her face, forcing Sophie and Dani to pick up the pieces. Shane drops a bombshell at Angie's class reading. Meanwhile, Finley helps Carrie seduce Misty, but can Carrie check her baggage and get the girl?" Read WTW's The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 9 recap.

The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 10, "Looking Ahead""Shane and Sophie challenge old patterns, while Alice discovers 'The One' may be closer than she thinks. Dani distracts herself from Dre, until a surprising reveal force her to choose what she really wants. Micah and Maribel make moves toward becoming parents, while Finley takes a big step into adulthood as all of the season's love, lust, loss, laughs and longing come to a head." Read WTW's The L Word: Generation Q season 3 episode 10 recap.

The primary cast members from The L Word: Generation Q are all be back in season 3. Plus some big names are appearing in recurring and guest starring roles. Some of the highlights of the season 3 cast are: 041b061a72


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