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And when you feel that a brief respite would be welcome, visit your very own village to customise your redneck tough guy (or gal), learn crucial skills, grab tons of useful (and often devastating) items or simply recharge your loyal donkey companion.

Studying 42 male university students playing the FPS in both cooperative team games and deathmatches, Geary found that the testosterone levels of winning team members against unknown teams spiked immediately after the tournament, especially among players who had contributed most to their team's victory.

These results tally with those of a study conducted by anthropologist John Wagner, who studied competitive domino players on the Caribbean island of Dominica. When men played against people from their own village and won, their testosterone levels plummeted and also stayed low, whereas the loser's fell then rebounded. However, when men won matches against strangers from other villages, their testosterone levels tended to rise. 781b155fdc


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