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Efrem Kulagin
Efrem Kulagin

A Few Less Men (2017)

Yesterday, I posted about a disability discrimination case that the employer did not really screw up. Even so, a few less-than-optimal moves resulted in an adverse jury verdict that was upheld on appeal.

A Few Less Men (2017)

There is endless occupation here for any one who is interested in forestry. My husband went over the whole place a few days ago with Professor Brown from Syracuse University, looking at all the little plantations of sundry varieties of trees and finally he took him to the sheltered spot where he is planting a few little Sequoias. I think my husband hoped that the species would not be recognized by the forestry expert and he planned to play a joke on him by asking him what the trees were, but some one in the car spoiled his little joke by saying: "Oh, is this the place you are going to try putting out the little Sequoias?"

This is a most beautiful day and three or four of us are going to take a long automobile ride, partly to acquire some Christmas presents and partly to look at the work being done in one of the Transient Camps under the National Park Service. It is most interesting to see how these men learn to do all kinds of work. Sometimes it is a type of work they have never done before. In this particular camp men who have never done masonry work are building outside fire-places and picnic tables and making it a very attractive camping spot. The foremen in charge of many of these camps are quite young and it interests me very much to see how well they adjust to their multitudinous duties. Some of them know less about the outdoor work, and some of them know less about the clerical work of the office both of which a good camp foreman should be able to supervise. The interesting thing to me is watching young men put their hearts and souls into the work and this seems characteristic of the Park Service everywhere. 041b061a72


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