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HACK CANADA: A Brief History and Overview

HACK CANADA is a Canadian organization run by hackers and phreakers that provides information mainly about telephones, computer technology, and legal issues related to technology. Founded in 1998 by CYBØRG/ASM, HACK CANADA has been in media publications many times, including Wired News and the Edmonton Sun newspaper (as well as other regional newspapers) for developments such as A Palm Pilot red boxing program. HACK CANADA has also been featured in books such as Hacking for Dummies ( ISBN 076455784X) and Steal This Computer Book. HACK CANADA was also featured often on the Hacker News Network.

According to its official website, HACK CANADA's mission is to "educate the public about the true nature of hacking, phreaking, and other related topics; to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas among hackers, phreakers, and other interested parties; to promote the advancement of hacking and phreaking as a legitimate form of expression, exploration, and experimentation; and to defend the rights and freedoms of hackers, phreakers, and other technologically savvy individuals."


HACK CANADA's website contains various sections, such as articles, tutorials, projects, tools, files, links, forums, chat rooms, and a webzine called Hack Canada Gazette. Some of the topics covered by HACK CANADA include phone phreaking, cellular hacking, computer hacking, cryptography, security, privacy, anonymity, social engineering, cyberculture, activism, law, ethics, and humor. HACK CANADA also hosts events such as hackathons, conferences, workshops, contests, and parties.

However, HACK CANADA's website went offline in November 2017, almost twenty years after its registration. The reason for this is unknown, but some speculate that it could be due to legal issues, financial problems, or loss of interest. The domain name now displays a "This Domain Name Has Expired" message. It is unclear if HACK CANADA will ever return online or if its members are still active in the hacking and phreaking community.

HACK CANADA was one of the most influential and prominent hacking and phreaking organizations in Canada and beyond. It contributed to the development and dissemination of hacking and phreaking knowledge and culture. It also challenged the stereotypes and misconceptions about hackers and phreakers in the mainstream media and society. HACK CANADA was a pioneer and a legend in the history of hacking and phreaking.


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