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Download Cheat Lost Saga Hero Scroll 185

Lost Saga Hero Scroll 185

Lost Saga is a free-to-play online fighting game that features over 200 heroes from various genres and backgrounds. Each hero has its own unique skills, abilities, and gear that can be customized and upgraded. You can play Lost Saga in various modes, such as team deathmatch, capture the flag, boss raid, and more.

One of the ways to obtain new heroes in Lost Saga is by using the Hero Scroll 185. This is a special item that can be purchased from the shop or obtained from events and quests. The Hero Scroll 185 gives you a random hero from the game, ranging from normal to rare quality. You can use the Hero Scroll 185 by right-clicking on it in your inventory and then selecting a slot in your hero list.


The Hero Scroll 185 can give you any of the following heroes:

  • Gargoyle: A normal hero that can transform into a stone statue and fly around the battlefield. Gargoyle has high defense and mobility, but low attack and range.

  • Stranger: A normal hero that uses a revolver and a whip to attack enemies from a distance. Stranger can also summon a horse and ride it for increased speed and damage.

  • Drill: A normal hero that uses a drill machine to dig underground and surprise enemies. Drill can also launch missiles and mines for explosive attacks.

  • Rudolph: A normal hero that wears a reindeer costume and uses antlers and bells as weapons. Rudolph can also summon Santa Claus and his sleigh for a festive assault.

  • Warp: A normal hero that can manipulate space and time to teleport and create portals. Warp can also slow down or speed up enemies and allies with his skills.

  • Pungsin: A normal hero that uses a giant fan and wind magic to blow away enemies. Pungsin can also create tornadoes and hurricanes for devastating effects.

  • Patriot: A normal hero that represents the United States of America. Patriot uses a flagpole and a shield as weapons, and can also call for air strikes and reinforcements.

  • Uriel: A normal hero that is an angel of fire. Uriel uses a flaming sword and wings as weapons, and can also summon fireballs and meteorites from the sky.

  • Hong Jin-Young: A normal hero that is a famous Korean singer. Hong Jin-Young uses her microphone and voice as weapons, and can also charm enemies with her songs.

  • Bubble Fighter: A normal hero that is based on a popular online shooting game. Bubble Fighter uses bubble guns and bombs as weapons, and can also create bubbles for protection and transportation.

  • Surfer: A normal hero that rides a surfboard and uses water magic to attack enemies. Surfer can also create waves and tsunamis for powerful attacks.

  • Witchdoctor: A normal hero that uses voodoo dolls and curses to harm enemies. Witchdoctor can also summon zombies and skeletons for assistance.

  • BTS: A normal hero that is based on a famous Korean boy band. BTS uses their dance moves and music as weapons, and can also perform their hit songs for special effects.

  • Trapmaster: A normal hero that uses various traps and gadgets to ambush enemies. Trapmaster can also control his traps remotely and detonate them at will.

  • Powered: A normal hero that wears a power suit that enhances his strength and speed. Powered can also activate different modes of his suit for different abilities.

  • Gunner: A normal hero that uses a machine gun and grenades as weapons. Gunner can also switch between different types of bullets for different effects.

  • Mephisto: A premium hero that is a demon lord of hell. Mephisto uses his claws and horns as weapons, and can also summon demons and fire for his attacks.

  • Blackspear: A premium hero that is a dark knight with a cursed spear. Blackspear can use his spear to pierce and slash enemies, and can also drain their life force and use it for his skills.

  • Soulmaster: A premium hero that is a master of souls. Soulmaster can use his scythe to harvest and manipulate souls, and can also transform into a grim reaper for ultimate power.

  • Crow: A premium hero that is a thief and assassin. Crow can use his daggers and crossbow to attack enemies stealthily, and can also disguise himself as other heroes or objects.

  • Predator: A premium hero that is based on the alien hunter from the movies. Predator can use his plasma caster and wrist blades to hunt enemies, and can also cloak himself and set traps.

These are just some of the heroes that you can get from the Hero Scroll 185. There are many more heroes to discover and collect in Lost Saga. If you want to learn more about the game, you can visit the official website or the fan-made wiki. You can also watch some gameplay videos on YouTube. Have fun playing Lost Saga!


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