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Places To Buy Glasses Online

Glasses are a necessary part of daily life for millions of people across the world. Prescription lenses allow us to see clearly and overcome vision challenges such as astigmatism, far- and near-sightedness, and other ocular complaints. Wearing eyeglasses is also a fantastic way to express personal style.

places to buy glasses online


Using specific criteria to evaluate both the purchasing experience and the products over several weeks, we found EyeBuyDirect is the best place to buy glasses online. They offered everything the other retailers had, but at a wider price point. Their website, policies, and try-on services ranked consistently high. Their glasses met the expectations that the virtual try-on set, and performed well overall when we tested them.

EyeBuyDirect has all the benefits of all the glasses retailers we tested but at a huge range of prices. From recognizable luxury brands to their own brands at lower price tiers, users can find a frame they love. We also love that they carry their own sustainable line, called 5 to See, which are made from ocean plastics.

One of the best aspects of EyeBuyDirect is the sizing information provided with the product descriptions. Rather than guessing sizes by looking at pictures online, EyeBuyDirect ensures that you know exactly which sizes and dimensions a pair of frames is available in. In particular, they carry extra-large frames and custom frames that can be made to size, which is a level of size inclusivity few of the other retailers matched.

The virtual try-on feature with EyeBuyDirect was one of the best we used, even compared to the Warby Parker app and other similar services. You can use a camera in real-time to examine how glasses frames will appear on your face, and you can even move around to see your image from different angles. It was shockingly compatible with my basic camera on my computer, with no lag.

EyeBuyDirect knocked the ordering process out of the park. The glasses arrived early, they looked and fit exactly as expected based on the virtual try-on, and inputting my prescription was extremely easy.

Warby Parker offers at-home try-on for up to five pairs of glasses, and their stellar app also allows you to virtually try on glasses through your phone. This feature also lets you quickly swipe through similar frame options to compare multiple pairs. This is a huge advantage over most try-on features that only show you one frame at a time.

Firmoo carries prescription glass frames, prescription sunglasses, progressive lenses, and blue-light glasses at low price points. The glasses I received from Firmoo were my favorites, style-wise, but their try-on options and interface were middle of the road. That said, they had a wide assortment of glasses and plenty of ways to refine your search.Ultimately, we were pretty pleased with Firmoo, and would recommend checking them out if you want a similar ordering experience and web matrix to EyeBuyDirect.

GlassesUSA carries prescription glasses, frames, sunglasses, and contacts. They carry designer brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley, and similar to many of the retailers listed, they offer tools and filters to narrow your search.

GlassesUSA offers an app with a Prescription Scanner intended to help you assess your prescription, but corrective lens prescriptions can be tricky and specific, so we recommend using the prescription given by your doctor, instead. When I tried the Prescription Scanner, it did not accurately reflect my actual prescription, and if you have a prescription in only one eye (as I do) it fails to produce a prescription that you can actually use to purchase your glasses.

Liingo, much like many of the other retailers on this list, offers fixed prices for prescription glasses with various frames, add-ons, and more. They have great packaging for their frames and, like Warby Parker, offer a program that lets users pick out five frames to try on at home.

The retailer was my college glasses go-to, but after more formally reviewing Zenni Optical we determined that the quality of the glasses reflects their low prices. Their virtual try-on feature is skippable and their website is fairly negligible compared to other retailers we tested.

Bonlook is a great choice if you enjoy luxurious products and glasses, but their online features were lacking. The glasses we received were well-made and durable, but we wished more attention had been paid to the challenges inherent with online shopping.

Have your prescription ready to go, and ensure that if you need glasses quickly you keep an eye on shipping rates and timelines before purchasing. We found that most retailers take about two weeks for your order to arrive.

After researching online, I chose eight retailers based on their breadth of selection, how easy it was to order from their websites, and what other features they offered including apps, accessories, internal try-on features, and more. Before we began testing, I spent a lot of time researching the frame options available at each retailer, combing through their selection, and seeing what was available.

If the prospect of sorting through thousands of pairs of glasses seems daunting, know that buying glasses online is easier than you think. Some sites have virtual try-on features, while others will send you multiple pairs at a time to try on at home. Already know what you want? Just check out the measurements on your current pair and search for something similar.

Are you looking for prescription glasses online? Check out our picks for the best online glasses retailers, as well as our review of the best online contacts, and learn how to choose the right frames and lenses.

According to the Vision Council, about 75 percent of American adults require some form of vision correction, and 64 percent choose eyeglasses. Buying prescription glasses online can offer greater convenience, lower prices, and a better frame selection than in a store. In fact, there are many options when it comes to finding the right pair of prescription glasses online. You can choose from progressive or bifocal glasses, reading glasses, or customizations like polarized, blue-light blocking, or transition lenses. These factors make buying prescription glasses online an easier and less expensive option than buying eyeglasses from a store.

Buying eyeglasses can be expensive, especially if your vision plan does not cover them. The quality of your online prescription glasses is determined by the type of materials and protective coatings on the lenses, which may drive up prices. You should avoid spending money on extra features that you may not need.

One pair of frames may not fit as well as another, depending on your facial contour and features. Your frames should be comfortable on your face, and the lenses should be well-placed. These variables may be harder to identify while shopping for prescription glasses online. Various name-brand or designer manufacturers build their frames using materials tailored to specific facial characteristics, ensuring long-lasting comfort and a secure fit.

When purchasing glasses online, remember to consider essential features such as the bridge fit, adjustable nose pads with rubberized or silicone tips, and temple styles that can bend behind your ear or remain straight. People who already know what type of glasses they want can use the measurements from frames they own to get a pair that fits similarly. If not, you can use the measurement guidelines provided by the online glasses store, but your eye doctor will be able to give a more precise figure.

Online glasses stores provide extra choices for customizing prescription lenses. According to the NEI, the different types of glasses available include reading glasses, single vision prescription lenses, and multifocal prescription lenses, which include progressive lenses and bifocal lenses.

After you obtain your PD and other lens metrics, most sites will allow you to enter your numbers or upload a picture of your prescription from your phone the first time you purchase a pair of glasses.

Endless frame styles to chose from. Convenience and speed of shopping online. Our handpicked selection of the best places to buy glasses online offers the broadest choice of prescription eyewear from budget to designer glasses.

The best place to buy glasses online? It has to be Warby Parker. The online glass store has acquired a devoted following in recent years thanks to its edgy attitude and socially conscious business ethos, offering wearers the chance to buy glasses online without compromising on style or price.

With Warby Parker glasses, you can select five frames to try on at home for five days. You can also use the Virtual Try-On tool or take a quiz to determine which frames suit your face. The designs are the perfect balance between thoughtful and trendy and each pair comes with anti-reflective scratch-resistant lenses with 100% UV protection.

The site is easy to navigate, making it a far superior shopping experience to standing around a store while a hard-nosed assistant pushes different products on you. Plus, for each pair of Warby Parker glasses that you buy, another pair is given to someone in need.

How do they do it? Simple. They keep everything in-house. Concept, design, and manufacturing are all done by Yesglasses. This means savings for them and for you with the most affordable prescription glasses in the world.

Feast your eyes on the collection. Tom Ford, Saint Laurent, Fendi, and, of course, Mr Leight, the designer behind some of the most thoughtful and original luxury eyewear on the market. These designer glasses are pretty much the Rolexes of the eyewear world.

Pair Eyewear is behind some of the best online glasses for kids. It was built on feedback from kids and adults who were dissatisfied with status quo specs. Revolutionising the kids eyewear industry, they create cool and fun glasses at accessible prices. 041b061a72


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