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Bangladesh Fire Service Rules 1961 Pdf 62l LINK


Designed in the Soviet Union and currently in production in Russia,[3] the original PK machine gun was introduced in 1961 and the improved PKM variant was introduced in 1969. The PKM was designed to replace the SGM and RP-46 machine guns that were previously in Soviet service.

The tripod mount, designed by L. V. Stepanov for the PKM machine gun entered service in 1969 and weighs 4.5 kg (9.92 lb). It is a lighter mount for the PK(M) general-purpose machine gun without affecting the accuracy of fire. Besides, the almost entirely from steel stampings made Stepanov mount has 20 fewer components than the preceding Samozhenkov tripod and is 40% less labour-intensive, simplifying and rationalizing production. The Stepanov mount is based on a principle of multi-functional components: the elevation mechanism frame is also used as a pole for kneeled shooting or anti-aircraft fire; the base sleeve also serves as the axis for attaching rear legs of the tripod: the machine gun attachment is combined with the elevation mechanism frame lock for anti-aircraft fire; the fine elevation adjustment mechanism is integrated with the elevation mechanism axis. Each tripod leg can be folded for transport or adjusted for proper height on uneven terrain. The ammunition belt box can be secured to the right rear tripod leg in such a manner that the gun can be moved with the ammunition box still in place and with the gun loaded. This enables one crew member to carry and operate the gun in combat without having to unload the gun before repositioning the gun. 153554b96e


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