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Sims 3 Eye Patch Download [VERIFIED]


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Available in a stunning 45 colours and different styles, the Reaper eye patch by Praline is a sleek and elegant design, set apart by a studded outline. Great for both daily use and catwalk days, it has 82000 downloads and can be found at The Sims Resource.

A true timeless classic. Unlike more modern designs, the Dahngrest eye patch by Praline connects is a well-crafted twist on the original eye patches of centuries ago. It is made with a gorgeous leather texture that comes in many different colours, and is available for both eyes in men and women. Fans of the classic style can download this great item, with 45000 hits, at The Sims Resource.

Those nostalgic for The Sims 2 need to look no further: necrodog has finally ported the iconic eyepatches into The Sims 4, with a wide assortment of colours to pick from for both men and women. The mod has 11000 downloads, and can be found at Mod The Sims.

Following the trend of eye patches that defy expectations, a3ru has created a gorgeous collection of studded eye patches. This design combines a ruffled outline with a shine along the main body, creating a beautiful effect. Download it here!

The wonderful Sims 4 modder Scarlet has decided to move on from modding. You can read her full post about it here. She has entrusted her traits, Photographer's Eye and Socially Anxious, to me going forward and I will be keeping them compatible with future patches. You can find both available for download here.

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