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Buy Worldmark Timeshare Credits !!BETTER!!

1) A+ RATING WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. We have a PERFECT A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Even after over 5,000 transactions, we have never had a complaint in the history of our company! We don't know any other timeshare reseller that can make this claim. Click here to see our perfect BBB rating.

buy worldmark timeshare credits

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2) WE ARE ACTUAL LICENSED REAL ESTATE AGENTS. As real estate agents we are bound by the rules and regulations of the Washington State Real Estate Commission. If we were to defraud you, we would lose our real estate license and our business. We are mandated by our company standards and the law to treat you with respect and follow through with the transaction. Most other timeshare companies hire sales reps and marketing people instead of becoming actual real estate agents. They do this so they can avoid strict rules and the accountability of the real estate commission. We invite you to actually visit the Washington Real Estate Commission and see for yourself that we are in good standing. Just call our office and we will provide you Henri's license number so you can verify that Henri Moreau is a licensed Washington State Real Estate Broker under good standing with the Washington Real Estate Commission.

3) FOR SELLERS, WE HAVE NO UPFRONT FEES. Most timeshare resellers will offer to sell your membership to someone else only after charging you an expensive upfront fee of up to $4,000. Many of these companies are scams so do your homework. We are one of the few companies that does not charge any upfront fees! Make sure to protect yourself against upfront fees and scams.

4) COMPETITIVE PRICING. We consistently offer the best values on Worldmark by Wyndham timeshare resales and are up to 90% less expensive than purchasing directly from the developer. Most of our clients save an average of $25,000 by buying a Premier membership through us versus buying directly from Worldmark by Wyndham.

7) EXPERTISE AND SPECIALIZATION. Even though we are able to sell any timeshare program in the nation, we have concentrated all our efforts to buy and sell Worldmark timeshares exclusively. We are experts in every aspect of the Worldmark program and the resale market.

15) OUR WORD IS OUR BOND. What we share with you verbally and contractually will be honored. We will NEVER say one thing and do another. 18 years of impeccable service and 5,000 successful transfers provides a long history of trustworthiness unmatched by any other timeshare reseller. If you have ANY questions about buying or selling a Worldmark account, feel free to contact us. We work really hard to please our clients and look forward to assisting you.

WorldMark by Wyndham provides owners and their guests with beautiful resort locations across the United States, as well as Canada and Mexico. However, as an owner you may find yourself ready to sell your vacation credits and wondering what the resale value of your WorldMark timeshare would be. There are a few key factors that determine the fair market value of your WorldMark credits on the resale market. In this article, we will walk you through exactly what to expect when selling your WorldMark timeshare.

As a seller of a WorldMark timeshare, listing your timeshare for much less than what you paid at the presentation can be an emotional process. We have successfully helped thousands of sellers, and it is never easy for our clients when we broach the subject of fair market value.

Guests who visit a timeshare presentation receive special gifts to entice them to attend, and the cost incurred is a major factor in the much higher price that is paid at a presentation. In fact, over half of the cost of a direct timeshare purchase will go to funding these gifts and presentations. This will unfortunately lead to a large decrease in the value of the credits when owners try to sell on the resale market due to those marketing efforts being of little to no value to consumers privy to the WorldMark resale market.

The current competition of other sellers listing their timeshares can considerably sway the current market, as buyers are generally well-versed in searching online to find the lowest price per credit. For this reason, it can be a huge benefit to consult with a trusted WorldMark broker to ensure you are listing your ownership not only at the right price, but also at the right time.

In addition to being competitive with other listings, pricing your WorldMark resale appropriately is incredibly important to avoid paying the ongoing maintenance costs associated with holding onto the timeshare. WorldMark maintenance dues are generally charged quarterly, so letting your timeshare sit can end up being an expensive process. Also keep in mind, it can take 6-8 weeks to transfer the ownership as well, in which the seller is responsible for keeping the account current during that time.

Those who purchase their WorldMark timeshare on the resale market will be purchasing at a massively discounted price, making their yearly vacations extremely affordable when it comes to lifetime costs of ownership. All of the same core benefits of WorldMark timeshares are there with credits purchased from a resale company, with less risk of loss when your travel habits change, and a very attractive purchase price.

Although many major hotel chains offer timeshare products, they are all slightly different and I wanted to see how WorldMark by Wyndham ownership worked. I was also interested in the presentation and the tactics used to try and convince people to buy into their product.

WorldMark by Wyndham is a timeshare product giving you access to resort properties throughout the United States and select international destinations. WorldMark is part of Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, although they are not exactly the same thing (more on that in a moment).

One thing I really liked about the program is its flexibility. Many timeshare products are dispersed in certain time allotments, whereas WorldMark credits can be redeemed for any length of stay you want. You could take several short trips or a few longer ones, whatever you prefer.

Like many timeshare presentations, the speaker asked members how much we currently spend per year on travel accommodations. I foiled his plans by saying I spend next to nothing by redeeming points (which he tried to counter by saying I must spend a ton my credit cards to do so), but another family stated they spend around $2,000 a year. The speaker used that number to make the claim that over the course of 30 years that family will have spent $60,000 on travel accommodations and at the end have nothing to show for it.

Wherever you fall, make sure to factor in the cost of airfare and other travel expenses when considering WorldMark by Wyndham or any other timeshare, as these costs could easily double your yearly travel expenditures.

For over 20 years, Michael Dosh has been a Worldmark resale broker. He is very well known in the Worldmark community and is highly trusted (Michael worked with Trendwest before founding Best Timeshare). He does not charge upfront fees as other timeshare sellers may do. Michael has an outstanding resell record with most Worldmark timeshares sold in the first 6 weeks of the listing!

Wyndham develops, markets and manages Worldmark resort properties worldwide. Wyndham transfers ownership of these resort properties debt-free to Worldmark who ends up owning, operating and maintaining them. The Worldmark timeshare ownership program offers more than 50 resort locations in the US, Canada, Mexico, Fiji, and the US Virgin Islands to owners that purchase credits.

The major benefits to Worldmark timeshare ownership is that you decide when, where and how to spend your vacation. Worldmark imposes no length-of-stay limitations and your ownership rights allow you to stay for one day, one week or one month. In addition, your Worldmark timeshare ownership rights allow you to choose the condominium size depending on the number of people with whom you are traveling. You can even plan your vacation ahead of time or at the last minute. You can secure a condo at any time of the year thus never locking yourself into traveling at the same time of year, every year.

You can buy Worldmark timeshare ownership by purchasing credits, or points. Credits are spent like currency and you can choose from many resorts in the Worldmark network in the US, Canada, Fiji, and the US Virgin Islands.

Since 1989, vacationers have enjoyed using WorldMark credits to travel because of the upscale accommodation and flexibility available through the WorldMark timeshare program. However, we understand that owners may not always have the ability to vacation each year. When you no longer use your WorldMark credits/points and are looking to sell, you have a great opportunity to sell WorldMark credits with, the most-trusted online timeshare resale advertiser in the industry.

WorldMark by Wyndham is a vacation club with dozens of properties around the world. Enjoy exploring the destinations available in WorldMark, The Club, as well as other Wyndham properties. Revel in the beauty and luxury of every WorldMark by Wyndham resort, at a much lower cost than you would pay for equivalent lodgings at a hotel. You can guarantee the accommodations your family needs every year with a WorldMakr by Wyndham timeshare!

WorldMark by Wyndham members enjoy credit-based timeshares. Members purchase as many points as they choose, and points are not tied to a specific home resort. This allows WorldMark members to enjoy the best flexibility in booking vacations. Members can stay at a different resort every year while not facing exchange fees or trading timeshares. Members can also enjoy bonus time, which is extra time that was not sold during the year; this time can be used for a last-minute vacation or an extra trip during the year.

You can join WorldMark by Wyndham by purchasing a WorldMark timeshare resale. Purchasing a WorldMark timeshare resale allows you to enjoy the benefits of WorldMark, The Club at a much cheaper price than purchasing directly from WorldMark. Purchase today and start enjoying a lifetime of vacations around the world. 041b061a72