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[S4E2] C Is For Coward


Gabriel was initially shown to be a coward as instead of helping members of his congregation by giving them shelter in his church he refused to let them in (possibly out of fear), resulting in them being devoured alive by the walkers. This event has had a lasting effect on Gabriel and he is extremely damaged and remorseful as a result of it. He believes himself to be a bad person, smitten by God, initially even believing that Rick Grimes' group was sent to punish him.

Due to his cowardliness, lack of survival experience and religious nature, many members of the group initially do not seem particularly fond of Gabriel when they meet him, particularly Rick, Sasha Williams, and Maggie Greene. Gabriel, however, also seems to not care for Rick's group much following their massacre of Gareth and his people, as he betrays them to Deanna Monroe of the Alexandria Safe-Zone and warns her that they are dangerous and bad people who have committed unspeakable atrocities. In this sense, Gabriel can also be classified as a hypocrite as he fails to see the irony that he is not a good person either and has also caused atrocities, although this could be seen as a self-serving act, him wishing to exile the only people in the world who know of his sins to secure his place in the community. Whilst Gabriel is talking to Deanna, both are unaware that Maggie is listening nearby, and she shows pure shock and anger in her face towards Gabriel's betrayal and hypocrisy.

Frank's primary concern was lording his command over the camp while maintaining a strict military bearing. He often abused his authority, as evidenced by the fact that most of his orders, asinine as they were, came very close to being unreasonable and even unlawful. At the same time, Frank showed no regard for the morale of the camp at large; in Welcome to Korea he implied as much to Father Mulcahy, and that he is interested only in maintaining his own well-being, even at Margaret's expense. But in contrast to Frank's bullying and over-the-top patriotism, his true colors showed through when the real pressure was on. In times of dire emergency, any problem that fell outside of his comfort zone, Frank turned into a panicky, dithering coward.

Later, Wells finds Clarke in the drop ship gathering supplies and wants to go with her to find Jasper. She tells him she does not want him around. Monty tells her that they also need him to search because no one else has volunteered. Clarke tells Monty he is not going either because he has to figure out how to communicate with the Ark. Finn arrives and she asks if he is ready. He tells her he is not going because the spear was thrown with "pinpoint accuracy." Clarke calls him a coward and leaves. Outside the drop ship, Clarke approaches Bellamy who is tending to Octavia's injury. Octavia tells Clarke she is coming but Clarke tells Octavia her leg will just slow them down. She wants Bellamy to join them because he has a gun. She tells him he will go because he wants the rest of the Delinquents to follow him and they will think he is scared if he does not go. Bellamy tells Murphy to come with him and orders Atom to watch Octavia. Wells warns Clarke about Bellamy and Murphy being dangerous criminals and Clarke tells him she is counting on it. Bellamy tells Murphy that he is getting Clarke's wristband so the people on the Ark won't come down if they think both Clarke and Wells are dead. Bellamy grabs Clarke's wrist and says she needs to take her wristband off. Clarke tells him the only way that is happening is if she is dead. Finn arrives just then and says they should split up to cover more ground and he walks off with Clarke.

In We Are Grounders (Part 2), in the drop ship at The Camp, Clarke cauterizes Raven's gunshot wound caused by Murphy). Bellamy flips through Lincoln's journal and comes to a drawing of a Reaper and asks if the Reapers might help them fight the incoming Grounders. Clarke tells him it is not an option. She then tells Raven that she cannot walk with the bullet still inside her and Finn goes to get a gurney. Bellamy calls Finn a coward and Clarke interrupts, telling them it is time to go. Finn leaves and Clarke tells Bellamy she needs him with them because the Delinquents are willing to fight and die for Bellamy. Outside, on their way out of the Camp, Bellamy mentions there are eighteen dead and Clarke tells him there are eighty-two alive and they did good.

Tristan tells Sabine that she told them she destroyed the weapon, and she responds that she did, but the Empire must have rebuilt it. Bo-Katan grabs Sabine and slams her into a wall before she demands to know why Sabine made a weapon that would target Mandalorian armor, which she considers an abomination that only a coward would make. Sabine explains that she was young and arrogant, seeking a challenge. She had sabotaged the prototype and erased the plans before she left the Imperial academy, and states that the Empire must have rebuilt the weapon. Ezra, noting that Sabine's weapon targets the material the Mandalorians' armor is made of, asks why they don't just make their armor out of something else. The Mandalorians all stare at him, shocked by his suggestion. Sabine explains that her armor was originally forged 500 years before, and it carries the history of its previous owners with it. Alrich explains that for Mandalorians, their armor is a legacy and who they are.

Still being zapped by the Duchess, Saxon stops the machine, giving the three Mandalorians a moment of respite. Sabine reluctantly agrees to help Saxon fix the machine, despite Bo-Katan's protests. Saxon smirks, believing that he finally has the upper hand, as Sabine adjusts the weapon. When Saxon reactivates the weapon, it zaps him and two stormtroopers instead. Sabine explains to Saxon that she readjusted the weapon to target anyone wearing Imperial armor instead, and tells him that the voltage isn't enough to kill him, just to make him suffer. The Duchess' reach extends throughout the Star Destroyer, incapacitating anyone wearing Imperial armor, and forcing Ezra to fling off his repainted scout trooper helmet. Sabine thinks of killing Saxon by electrocuting him to death with the Duchess, but Bo-Katan stops her, stating that doing this would make her like the Empire, fighting with cowardice, and that she should fight with honor, like a true Mandalorian. Sabine realizes her mistake and shuts the machine off, while Hark flees the room. She slashes the weapon with the Darksaber, breaching its power core, just as Ezra arrives. The three quickly flee, and gather up the rest of the strike team, as the weapon's explosion will destroy the Star Destroyer. The strike team exits the same way they came in, as Saxon's warship crumbles behind them.

When Yuri is not in control of a situation, he is actually somewhat cowardly. He gives in to several threats made by Joyce and Murray and reluctantly goes along with their plans. Whilst held hostage and forced to pose as Murray, Yuri makes several attempts to alert the Russian guards of the plot, showing his loyalty for his motherland. Eventually, after the trio escape with Dmitri and Hopper, Yuri agrees to help them but once again shows his untrustworthy side as he attempts to sabotage his helicopter, Katinka, to halt their mission. However, Yuri's attitude finally changes when Dmitri openly calls him a coward for doing so and reminds Yuri of his military days when he led his men to victory. Dmitri explains that his actions are not just harming America, but the fate of the entire world.

Joffrey takes after his mother in terms of looks and personality, his blond hair being a subtle clue that he isn't really a Baratheon, who famously always possess black hair even when only one parent is Baratheon. Cersei herself lets it slip to Catelyn Stark that she once had a child with black hair who died prematurely of a fever before she had Joffrey.[3] He is usually accompanied by his sworn shield, the formidable Sandor Clegane, better known as the Hound. Even before he ascends to the Iron Throne, Joffrey is spoiled, arrogant, cowardly, childish and sadistic, though he tends to hide these traits before his ascension, appearing to be the typical charming heir to Seven Kingdoms. However, these traits are further exacerbated upon Robert's death and his ascension to the crown, proving to be one of the most twisted and malevolent Westerosi monarchs.[4]

The absence of the Royal Fleet frightens Joffrey. He is unnervingly pleased when Tyrion's wildfire explosion decimates Stannis' fleet. However, his courage wanes when he sees the size of the landing force that comes ashore. A sortie led by the Hound fails to drive the attackers back. The Hound then deserts his place on the Kingsguard rather than go back out. Joffrey is relieved when Ser Lancel Lannister tells him that the Queen has ordered him back to the Red Keep and ignores Tyrion imploring him to stay and lead. His cowardly exit damages the morale of the men but Tyrion is able to rally them into a further sortie, protecting the gates from a battering ram.[17]

Joffrey then announces some entertainment that he has organized: a group of dwarfs crudely re-enacting the War of the Five Kings and fighting each other. Joffrey laughs hysterically during the show, spitting wine all over himself, though virtually no one else finds the spectacle anything other than disgusting. Once the dwarf show is over, Joffrey turns his attention to Tyrion and suggests he borrow a costume and join in. Tyrion politely declines and suggests that the king himself take part, with a veiled reference to Joffrey's cowardice at the Battle of the Blackwater. Outraged by his uncle's mockery, Joffrey responds by pouring his wine over Tyrion's head and appointing Tyrion his new cupbearer.[27]

Joffrey was an extremely ruthless, cruel, arrogant, sadistic, malicious, egotistical, remorseless and tyrannical ruler even by the standards of his times. He immensely enjoyed indulging in the agony of others and played barbarically vicious 'games' with them (for example, giving a man a choice between losing his hands or his tongue) and even joyously speculating serving Sansa Stark the head of her brother Robb at his wedding feast. However, he was also incompetent, unintelligent, naive, impulsive, petulant, extremely cowardly, and prone to rash outbursts of violence when angered, frightened or even mildly slighted. Much like earlier Targaryen kings, it was suspected that Joffrey's sociopathic behavior was a result of his incestuous bloodline (though his sister and brother both were of a kinder disposition) as well as being intensely sadistic, Joffrey was consumed by megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur, even though he was absurdly unskilled at ruling, making far more problems than he solved (though he was literally unable to recognize this and unapologetic for doing so). 59ce067264


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