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The Surah of Imransurah isBook in theHoly Quaran. Muslims all over the world follow the Surah ofImransurah. Book of Imransurahhas had 24 parts. There is around 880Chapter, each Chapter has different rules and Muslims follow them in a very strictly way. Surah ofImransurahis considered to be the first of the entire Quaran and first part of the surah is Imrah. All the surahs leads to the part of Imrah. Surah ofImransurahalso consists of three (3) parts namelyImran (an executive summary), Imrah (the first part of the surah) and Kafir (departure of the surah from Imrah).

Surah of Imran is the main part of the entireQuaran and It consists of ten chapters. As we know, Surah ofEmranis the only part of Quaran. It is possible that if there was more surahs, then it will be called a surah or if there were less number of surahs, then it will be called a Chapter. Surah ofImranis not only the only part of Quaran butitis also the first part ofQuaran. In other words, Surah of Imranis also called amini Quaran. Surah of Imran has been revealed during the reign of ProphetMuhsin. The audacity of Surah of Imran getsupported by Quranic events such as to lead the believers, fire, Makkan and Mekka and some other words. Owner of surah is Al-Imran. He has been blessed by Allah with the strongest ever power.

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