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.AF is the country code domain extension (ccTLD) for Afghanistan, a landlocked country in Asia. The country's most well known products are carpets, described as Afghans. Works of art, and if you're prepared to haggle, you'll get a bargain. The .AF domain extension is operated by the registry platform CoCCa and can be registered by anyone for a minimum one year period.

Activation: An activation is necessary within 7 days following the date of creation. The .af registry sends a message to the owner's email address with an activation link, so that they can confirm that their details are correct. If you don't validate your domain, the registry will delete it, possibly without refund.

In order to transfer your domain name to Netim, you must disable transfer protections and obtain the authorisation code from your current Registrar.The transfer may take several days.When the transfer is finalised, a year is added to the expiry date of the domain name.

The minimum length of a domain name with this extension is 3 characters, and the maximum length is 63. Often a short, clear domain name is considered more effective, as it will be easier for visitors to your site to remember.

Some domain names in this extension are premium, which means that they do not have the same value in the eyes of the registry offering them, they may be domain names with few characters, or special terms that are easy to remember. Premium domain names can be registered at a special price.

DNSSEC ensures the authenticity of the DNS response. When your browser tries to reach a website, it communicates a secret authentication key that certifies that the IP address returned is that of the site you wish to reach.

To buy a .af domain name you can order directly as a member to '' ''. If you have questions about the .af domain name, our domain technical support team gives you free technical support on the .af domain name registration. .af domain name Name Registration Register a .af domain name. Every .af domain names comes with free URL forwarding, Whois Protection, free DNS and more... Buy Afghanistan domain name today!

Each country has its own domain name extensions, which are allocated by the individual. The Afghanistan domain extension is .af. The .af extension is the domain extension of the Afghanistan country. Websites with Afghanistan domain extensions use .af domain name extension. The sample domain is, ,

The registration of the domain name in Afghanistan is very important for the companies that are targeting the Afghanistan market. At the same time domains for .af domain names .afm Afghanistan is a different alternative for domain investors trapped in the .com .net market.

.af The Afghanistan domain market has been buoyed by the fact that internet and information technologies play a dominant role in trade. You can get detailed information from the '' Atak Technology '' domain experts on the Afghanistan domain market.

Afghanistan domain extensions are generally searched in English on the Google search engine in the following way: .af whois, .af whois lookup, .af whois search, .af whois server, whois .af domain name. Turkey is also internet users in Afghanistan .af domain name names with the search words are looking for when they want to make the registration of domains; .af domain name inquiry, Afghanistan domain inquiry, Afghanistan domain registration, .af domain name purchase

The Afghanistan domain extension is .af. This domain name extension is made up of the abbreviation of Afghanistan. .af is defined as Afghanistan internet code. Examples of Afghanistan site extensions are,, and With '' '' you can easily query and register Afghanistan domain extensions, you can buy .af.

Register your .AF domains in Afghanistan. Please enter in our .AF domain search engine the term that you wish to register. If your .AF domain is available you will


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