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What is 2 Good 2 Be True and Why You Need to Download It Now

Download 2 Good 2 Be True: How to Watch the Hit Philippine TV Show Online

If you are looking for a new TV show to binge-watch, you might want to check out 2 Good 2 Be True, a Philippine romantic comedy series that has been making waves online. But how can you watch this show if you are not in the Philippines? And is it worth your time and money? In this article, we will answer these questions and more. We will tell you what 2 Good 2 Be True is all about, why you should watch it, and how to download it legally and safely.

What is 2 Good 2 Be True?

2 Good 2 Be True is a TV show that premiered on June 28, 2021 on ABS-CBN, one of the leading media networks in the Philippines. It stars Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, two of the most popular and acclaimed actors in the country. The show is a romantic comedy with a twist: it follows the story of two people who pretend to be someone else to achieve their goals, but end up falling in love with each other.

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The plot of 2 Good 2 Be True

The show revolves around Ali (Kathryn Bernardo), a smart and ambitious woman who works as an executive assistant for a real estate magnate. She dreams of becoming a successful architect, but her boss does not appreciate her talents. To prove herself, she decides to enter a design competition under a fake name.

Meanwhile, Eloy (Daniel Padilla) is a car mechanic who lives a simple and happy life with his family. He loves cars and music, but he has no plans for his future. His father wants him to take over their family business, but he is not interested. To escape his father's pressure, he agrees to join a reality show that will give him a chance to travel around the world.

Their paths cross when Ali hires Eloy to pose as her boyfriend for the competition. She needs him to pretend to be an architect and impress the judges with his charm and charisma. Eloy agrees to do it for the money and the adventure. However, as they spend more time together, they start to develop feelings for each other. But what will happen when they discover their true identities? And how will they deal with the consequences of their lies?

The cast of 2 Good 2 Be True

2 Good 2 Be True features a stellar cast of actors who bring life and humor to the show. Aside from Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, who have been dubbed as the "King and Queen of Philippine Cinema", the show also stars:

  • Gelli De Belen as Ali's mother, who supports her daughter's dreams but worries about her love life.

  • Cris Villanueva as Eloy's father, who runs a car repair shop and hopes that his son will follow his footsteps.

  • Gloria Diaz as Ali's boss, who is a ruthless and arrogant businesswoman who does not value her employees.

  • Ronaldo Valdez as Eloy's grandfather, who is a retired musician and encourages his grandson to chase his passion for music.

  • Maymay Entrata as Ali's best friend, who is a bubbly and loyal person who helps her with her schemes.

  • Edward Barber as Eloy's best friend, who is a witty and sarcastic guy who joins him in the reality show.

The popularity of 2 Good 2 Be True

2 Good 2 Be True has been a huge hit among viewers and critics alike. It has received positive reviews for its witty and heartwarming story, its charming and relatable characters, and its superb acting and production values. It has also garnered high ratings and social media buzz, making it one of the most watched and talked about shows in the Philippines. It has also attracted international attention, as it has been picked up by Netflix and iWantTFC, two of the leading streaming platforms in the world.

Why should you watch 2 Good 2 Be True?

If you are still not convinced that 2 Good 2 Be True is worth your time and money, here are some reasons why you should give it a try:

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It's a romantic comedy with a twist

If you love romantic comedies, you will surely enjoy 2 Good 2 Be True. It has all the elements of a classic rom-com: a cute and funny meet-cute, a fake relationship that turns into something real, a conflict that threatens to tear them apart, and a happy ending that makes you swoon. But it also has a twist that makes it different from other rom-coms: it explores the theme of identity and deception, and how they affect one's relationships and self-esteem. It shows how lying can have serious consequences, but also how honesty can lead to forgiveness and growth.

It's a showcase of Filipino culture and values

If you want to learn more about the Philippines and its people, you will also appreciate 2 Good 2 Be True. It showcases the rich and diverse culture and values of the country, such as its love for family, music, food, and humor. It also highlights the challenges and opportunities that Filipinos face in their daily lives, such as poverty, corruption, discrimination, and migration. It gives you a glimpse of the beauty and complexity of the Filipino identity and experience.

It's a source of inspiration and entertainment

If you need some inspiration and entertainment in your life, you will also find 2 Good 2 Be True to be a great source of both. It inspires you to pursue your dreams, no matter how big or small they are. It encourages you to be yourself, no matter what others think or say. It reminds you to be honest, not only with others but also with yourself. It entertains you with its hilarious and heartwarming moments, its catchy and meaningful songs, its stunning and colorful visuals, and its talented and charismatic actors.

How to download 2 Good 2 Be True?

Now that you know what 2 Good 2 Be True is all about and why you should watch it, you might be wondering how to download it. Well, there are two ways to do it: the legal and safe way, and the illegal and risky way. Let's take a look at each one:

The legal and safe way: Netflix and iWantTFC

The best way to download 2 Good 2 Be True is to use Netflix or iWantTFC, two of the most popular and reliable streaming platforms in the world. Both of them offer high-quality video and audio, fast download speed, offline viewing option, subtitles in different languages, user-friendly interface, affordable subscription plans, and customer support. Here are some details about each one:

Netflix: The global streaming platform

Netflix is the world's leading streaming platform that offers thousands of movies and TV shows from different genres and countries. It is available in over 190 countries and regions, and has over 200 million subscribers. It also produces original and exclusive content, such as 2 Good 2 Be True, which is part of its Netflix Originals collection.

To download 2 Good 2 Be True from Netflix, you need to have a Netflix account and a compatible device, such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or smart TV. You also need to have a stable internet connection and enough storage space on your device. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Netflix app or website and sign in with your account.

  • Search for 2 Good 2 Be True and select the show from the results.

  • Choose the episode that you want to download and tap or click on the download icon (a downward arrow).

  • Wait for the download to finish and then go to the downloads section of the app or website.

  • Enjoy watching 2 Good 2 Be True offline anytime and anywhere.

Note that not all episodes of 2 Good 2 Be True are available for download on Netflix. Some episodes may have an expiration date or a limit on how many times you can watch them offline. You can check these details on the app or website before downloading. You can also delete the downloaded episodes after watching them to free up some space on your device.

iWantTFC: The Filipino streaming service

iWantTFC is the streaming service of ABS-CBN, the media network that produces 2 Good 2 Be True. It offers a wide range of Filipino movies and TV shows, as well as news, sports, music, and live events. It is available in over 1


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