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Nalimov Tablebases (3 4 5 6) (more Tablebases) Download ((INSTALL))

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Nalimov Tablebases (3 4 5 6) (more Tablebases) Download ((INSTALL))

Nalimov Tablebases,are 3-to-6-man endgame tablebases developed by Eugene Nalimov, providing depth to mate information. First published for up to 5-man in late 1998, 6-man files were released subsequently over the years and 6-man chess was finally solved in 2005 [2]. Nalimov Tablebases apply a more efficient indexing scheme than previous tablebases, and were further compressed into 8 KiB blocks exploiting common subsequences and Huffman coding as contributed by Andrew Kadatch, doing less file I/O which gets replaced by fast on-the-fly decompression [3]. This allows fast probing not only at the root, but during the search inside the tree [4], further utilized by an own LRU cache despite keeping TB files in the page cache by the operating system. For endgames with pawns of both sides, the TBs consider en passant with disjoint index ranges [5].

Historically Nalimov Tablebases were computed by Eugene Nalimov and distributed by Robert Hyatt via FTP. Gradually Nalimov was releasing more and more gigabytes of 6-men tablebases and at some point Bob's FTP could not handle the load. 6-men tablebases were removed from FTP and disappeared from online space. The only way to get them was by personal communication with other chess fans.In November 2005 several enthusiasts started a project to find and share all surviving tablebases. Many people joined contributing files they managed to save. At the same time Nalimov was continuing to release new 6-men tablebases that were now shared via this project.In August 2006 the last 6-men tablebases were computed, completing the 3-to-6-men tablebase collection of about 1.2 Terabytes. Thanks to community support, the whole collection is now freely available online on eD2K/KAD network.

Access to the tablebases improves the playing strength of the program in the endgame considerably. Whenever it hits on one of the five-piece endings in the search, it can stop and get a completely accurate assessment of the position from the tablebases. It does not have to generate thousands of follow-up positions. But, accessing the tablebases is quite slow (in comparison to the move generation and evaluation). You can speed things up by copying the tablebases onto your hard disk.

Syzygy tablebases allow perfect play with up to 7 pieces, both with and without the fifty-move drawing rule, i.e., they allow winning all won positions and bringing all drawn positions over the fifty-move line.

Many chess enthusiasts would like to do 6-men endgame analysis,but no one wants to host 1 TB of files for download.So we have to help ourselves.This page is an attempt to organize a persistent online availability of the whole set of Nalimov 6-men tablebases.This project depends solely on chess lovers community,it's up to us to choose if we will download any tablebases for free,or if we will have to buy them on DVD from Chessbase etc..

Tablebase files are big and anything can happen while you download, copy or keep them.You should always check their integrity after you downloaded new files,and also before sharing new tablebases.You can either check them using md5sum program and *.md5 files from this page,or with Wilhelm program.If you prefer Wilhelm be sure to use the latest version - 1.50,as earlier versions may incorrectly report corrupted files.Aaron's FAQ also has detailed explanation.

Caution! A number of people seem to have corrupted files now, for various bases.I can tell because when I search in eMule for the bases that I have, I see not only the linksto the same files, but also links to the files with same names and same size, but with different hash.I urge everyone to re-check the tablebases before sharing any new files,and after you downloaded a new files too.

Several members of this community volanteered to host some of the 6-men tablebasesfor those who can't use eMule for some reason. Servers known to me are listed here.(Please let me know if you know


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