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Does Dimple Records Buy Used Dvds HOT!

As with all used music stores, the selection varies from store to store. I have, however, encountered clerks who will check the other stores to see if they have what you want. I don't know if that is a store policy or if I just caught them on a good day! Their helpfulness does help those (like me) who don't like stores to be so randomly organized. I'm always wondering if I am missing something, or if I will find the same thing at a lower price in another bin.

does dimple records buy used dvds

The Davis Dimple did sell but did not buy back used vinyl. The store expanded their used vinyl selection to about equal to their selection of new vinyl (mostly current artists/releases). Dimple has recently opened a store devoted entirely to vinyl called "Dimple Vinyl" . It is located in Sacramento in the same building as the main Sac Dimple on Arden way. "Dimple Vinyl" does buy back used vinyl records but it is the only Dimple store that does. Most records on vinyl cannot be special ordered because they are out of print. Customers should also note that all vinyl sales (both new and used) are final - they are not returnable for any reason.

One neat thing about Dimple is the ability to have items transferred from the other Dimple stores for free. Say you really want to buy the new season of Mad Men, but you want to wait for a used copy and the Davis location doesn't have any. Simple ask a clerk to check if any of the other stores have a copy. If they do, that clerk will call that store to make sure they can find it and then have it sent over. Transfers take up to a week but can come in much sooner. You have no obligation to buy the item when it arrives at the Davis store - if you decide you don't want it, they will simple put it back out on the floor.

Dimple can also special order new copies of items that aren't currently at any of the Dimple locations as long as that item is currently in print via their distributors. Like with transfers, you do not pay up front and there is no obligation* to buy the special order once it arrives (* = if the item ordered is over $35 dimple may ask you put down a 10 percent deposit . This deposit will go onto a gift card as store credit and it can be used for any item). Special orders can take up to 4 weeks to arrive although most items arrive much sooner. There is a chance an item might not arrive at all if the distributor can't get a hold of it. Unfortunately, there is no way to track a special order's arrival time until it shows up at the store. Because of this, Dimple does not require you to pay up front.

Yeah the tape can be a nuisance, but I guess it is a pretty solid/cheap theft deterrent and helps keep used CD prices down. We have razor blades up at the front, so we can cut through them for you, but sometimes the tape does leave that stickiness. We usually have goop-off up at the front so if it's a big issue we can try cleaning it off for you as well (as long as there isn't a long line of customers behind you). 041b061a72


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