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Splash Math Hack ##TOP##

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Splash Math Hack

Download File:

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simple variables, simple events, expert physics, functions, layers, simple loops, advanced physics, conditional wait, input/output, actor properties, simple conditionals, advanced math, resize actor, detect conditions, advanced events, simple sound playing, text handling, advanced messaging, delays, miscellaneous, simple messaging, simple motion, simple costume handling, platformer automations, topdown controls, touching actor, topdown automations, basic physics, advanced costume handling, advanced animation, advanced motion,

Projects in the New Frontiers track will incorporate tech emerging at the very forefront of industry, including but not limited to blockchain and Web3, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and VR/AR. We challenge hackers in this track to think deeply about how the new technology they implement will add meaningful value to their project and push the frontiers of possibility.

The Sustainability track encourages hackers to use technology to pursue a more sustainable future on environmental, economic, and social levels. As sustainability encompasses all aspects of human life, projects in this track will address a diverse range of topics like food, finance, energy, transportation, water, awareness & accountability, and fashion.

If you are a frequenter of the EEVBlog Forum, you will no doubt have come across the multitude of posts talking about hacking the software features to unlock all of the options of the most expensive counterparts. Since all of these options are just software upgrades using a generated key, someone has already hacked the Rigol's installation.

A popup screen will come up with a keypad. Use the Intensity knob to scroll around and choose the Letters and Numbers of the Software Upgrade Key. To lock in a letter or number, press down on the intensity knob. Once all of the key has been entered, press the Apply button. If you are successful, you should see all of the options now installed and showing Official. Your Rigol DS1054 Oscilloscope has been hacked (upgraded).

This still works. I am amazed. The issue with generating the key that folks below (or above depending on where this post is placed) had was probably due to artifacts left in the serial number field. Be sure to clear the field (hold down delete after putting the cursor at the beginning of the field) before entering your serial number. I think also probably case is significant here, use all upper case. Also, I had a little trial and error until I realized that one of the characters was an '8', not a 'B'. So make sure your code is exactly correct. Thank you to made2hack for this. You just saved me a couple hundred $'s.

Like many others, I like a good cocktail every now and then, and I've always been impressed when my cocktail enthusiast friends would come up with a new drink or even just remember how to concoct a Clover Club (FYI, it's made with gin, raspberry syrup, lemon, and egg white). There's a secret bartenders and craft cocktail aficionados know, though: It's all about math, the simplest and most intoxicating math. Pythagoras would be so proud.

Use Your Reading Time - You might not know it right now, but for some of your final exams you are given five minutes reading time. What are you supposed to use this for? Twiddle your thumbs? Take nervous sips of water? No. This time is invaluable in helping you plan your line of attack! Of our IB hacks, this might seem the smallest but if you use it effectively - to relax and work out how you'll go through the paper - it might make all the difference!

So there we have it, 7 top IB hacks from our top Lanterna team! Try and remember these as you head through the diploma - we are sure they'll make a difference! If you're looking for the best way you can make an impact on your studies, click here to take a look at our online private tutoring solutions!

Hack Playground is a virtual world that brings HackMIT, one of the largest undergraduate hackathons, right to your home. Playground preserves the atmosphere of innovation and connection of a hackathon. You can walk through the Sponsor Town and schedule a coffee chat with a sponsor, gain inspiration by visiting the Nonprofit Village, or chat with other hackers.

Quill is HackMIT's hackathon registration portal. For hackers, it's a clean and streamlined interface to submit registration and confirmation information. For hackathon organizers, it's an easy way to manage applications, view registration stats, check-in hackers day-of, and more!

It is a real-time help queue and mentor management application, targeted at hackathons and classrooms, where there is a need for issues to be claimed and satisfied within minutes. It includes a simple interface for requesting tickets, claiming tickets, administrating users/mentors, and examining metrics.

Gavel is the judging system used at HackMIT. It incorporates a lot of research on mathematical psychology along with fancy math to produce very fair judging results. It's capable of scaling to large events, being used at HackMIT's 1000-person hackathon.

Cog is the hardware checkout system that we beta-tested at HackMIT 2017. It makes it easy for organizers to manage hardware inventory and track which hackers have what, and it allow hackers to quickly find the hardware they want for their hack.

Through a mathematical model, the authors first studied the behavior of one duckling following its mother. In this scenario, they found that a duckling will receive drag reduction on any wave crest up to a distance of 2.4 times the length of the mother duck, which is about five wave crests. The researchers also found that the mother duck receives a benefit from this configuration, where the forward motion of the duckling pushes the mother forward when the duckling is positioned at the wave crest directly behind her.

I HATE last-minute party panic! (But I LOVE parties! Check out some of my favorites ici)There's no jumpscare quite as terrifying as the realisation that your party is in two days... and all you've done to prepare is finish off your Halloween candy! And that's not even mentioning the stress involved in planning a party that everyone will actually enjoy. Your goblinoid little nephews want movies and an ungodly amount of sugar, but your ghastly uncle Frank only enjoys 'parties with class'. Snob. Someone is going to go home unhappy. And it'll probably be you!So with Halloween creeping up on us like a particularly determined zombie, we've cracked open our magical spellbook and poured out its mystical wisdom to help you out.These 9 Halloween hacks will ensure that all of your guests (both young, old, and immortal) have a spookily good time, but leave you with enough downtime to haunt your couch for a much-needed breather!

The backslash \ is a typographical mark used mainly in computing and mathematics. It is the mirror image of the common slash /. It is a relatively recent mark, first documented in the 1930s. It is sometimes called a hack, whack, escape (from C/UNIX), reverse slash, slosh, downwhack, backslant, backwhack, bash, reverse slant, and reversed virgule.[1][2]

Now, I do understand the lure of the Techcrunch story. It's a way for a startup to make a big splash upon entry, and -- importantly for a lot of new companies -- it's a publication that investors read. But it's not a publication that educators read, and as Staton makes clear in his post today, those publications that are geared towards educators are pretty closed to startups. It's not always clear who to pitch, for example. The "tips" line, if they have one, is a black hole to nowhere. And a lot of the traditional education publications and journalists fail miserably when it comes to reaching out via social media to their readership, let alone to potential story subjects. (I'd add -- again with apologies to writers I know at those publications -- they often don't know jack shit about technology.) 350c69d7ab


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