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The goal of this course is to support the staff in managing the initial care of critically ill patients for the first 24 hours or until appropriate critical care support can be achieved (Fundamental Critical Care Support, 2021). We had face-to-face training so we could address the knowledge gap in qualified clinicians who can facilitate fundamental critical care support using simulation modalities. This course introduces principles in a series of integrated lectures and in-person skill stations to provide knowledge, guidance for decision making and some limited clinical procedures practice. Topics included are: recognition of a seriously ill patient, noninvasive positive pressure ventilation (NPPV), high flow nasal oxygenation (HFNO), awake proning protocol, mechanical ventilation, COVID-19 respiratory failure management, ethics in critical care medicine, end-of-life comfort care, gastrointestinal bleeding with massive transfusion protocol (Fundamental Critical Care Support, 2021).

Learn to teach the technical skills needed to provide critical care and support during the first 24-hours after injury. Teach other healthcare professionals in a state-of-the-art high fidelity interactive learning environment:

SCCM will offer complimentary memberships and Fundamental Critical Care Support (FCCS) training for critical care professionals in the three countries once the oxygen and solar infrastructure are developed.

In a span of five months, Dr. Ujal, with support from Dr. Kesang and other colleagues, has organized and led several clinical trainings on COVID-19 critical care and ICU management, including how to use the Medtronic PB 560 ventilators donated by the U.S. Government to the Royal Government of Bhutan. More than 340 doctors, nurses, and intern doctors from almost all hospital-level facilities in the country have been trained, and expansion is planned to all districts in red zones as a part of COVID-19 preparedness. 153554b96e


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