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Project Igi 2 Covert Strike Demo Download

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Project Igi 2 Covert Strike Demo Download

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Following a successful closed beta test that attracted more than 30,000 players, Codemasters has today made the multiplayer beta test version of IGI 2: Covert Strike available to the public for the first time. The public version of the multiplayer beta, which weighs in at around 117MB, features a map called Timberland, in which the IGI operatives' mission is to sabotage an old mineral plant that the Conspiracy terrorist group is using as a cover to extract uranium for covert weapons manufacturing. The beta test code allows for 16 players online and up to 32 on a LAN across the two teams, and it features full in-game chat functionality. Anyone wishing to download the multiplayer beta can do so at Codemasters' official IGI 2 Web site. A single-player demo of the game will also be made available on Thursday, January 16. 59ce067264


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