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Bonniers Trafikskola: A Swedish Driving School Software

Bonniers Trafikskola: A Swedish Driving School Software

Bonniers Trafikskola is an interactive driving license education software for PC and MAC users, where you can learn the driving theory with driving license questions, theory questions and theory. Since 1997, more than 150,000 drivers have used Bonniers Trafikskola. By using Bonniers Trafikskola, you save both time and money[^6^] [^7^].

Bonniers Trafikskola 2011 SWEDISH TFTISO

Bonniers Trafikskola 2011 SWEDISH TFTISO is a torrent file that contains the installation files for the 2011 version of Bonniers Trafikskola. It is available on some online platforms such as SoundCloud[^2^] and OpenSea[^3^]. However, downloading and using this file may be illegal and unsafe, as it may violate the copyright laws and contain viruses or malware.

If you want to use Bonniers Trafikskola legally and safely, you can visit their official website[^6^] and create an account. You can also follow them on Facebook[^7^] to get updates and news about their products and services.Some of the benefits of using Bonniers Trafikskola are:

  • You can take the driving license theory without books, as the software provides you with driving license questions and interactive exercises[^1^].

  • You can reduce the costs of taking driving lessons by combining the theory with a lot of private practice driving, as long as you have a good instructor and a good interaction with them[^1^].

  • You can access your personal theory education online with even more sections and questions, as Bonniers Trafikskola 2013 is an updated version of the software[^2^].

  • You can watch videos and trailers of Bonniers Trafikskola on YouTube and Facebook to get a better idea of how the software works and what it offers[^2^] [^3^].

Bonniers Trafikskola is a popular and reliable choice for many Swedish drivers who want to learn the driving theory in an easy and fun way.If you are interested in buying Bonniers Trafikskola, you have several options to choose from. You can:

  • Visit their official website[^2^] and create an account. You can then access their online platform and use their software for a monthly fee of 99 SEK. You can also get a free trial for 14 days to test their features and services.

  • Buy a physical copy of Bonniers Trafikskola 2013 (booklet + value document) from Amazon[^3^] or other online retailers. You can then install the software on your PC or MAC and use it offline. The price of the booklet is 299 SEK and it includes a license key that you need to activate the software.

  • Download the Bonniers Trafikskola app from the App Store[^4^] and use it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The app is free to download and use, but it has limited features and content compared to the online platform or the software. You can upgrade to the full version for 99 SEK per month or 699 SEK per year.

Bonniers Trafikskola offers different payment methods and delivery options for your convenience. You can also contact their customer service if you have any questions or issues with your purchase or use of their products. e0e6b7cb5c


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