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we ll also see those dynamic shadows in another video in this week, as we look at the visuals before, during and after a lengthy train ride. the first part of the video showcases the ps4 pro's digital intermediate presentation during the long haul, followed by the same 3d scene running at 1080p and 4k both at the same 60 frames per second. let us know if you think its time for a change in your pro upgrade.

this is important because one of the primary changes in the pro version is a substantial upgrade in texture memory, with the ability to support a deeper slate of textures. that upgrade allows the developers to go into detail with some types of materials, creating effects like the various "pop" effects on the walls and the way the light bounces off some of the items. sometimes when a game looks good, its because it takes advantage of this technology. however, there are other times when the new visuals might just be an example of flashy graphics and no substance.

the pro version has been optimized for performance, and you can tell the difference when compared to a standard playstation 4. but the ability to go higher in resolution is nice. for a game whose biggest visual features are things like the sunlight bouncing off the walls in the larger platforms, the micro details that make this world look alive and believable are less important in a video game. im not sure how much enjoyment the standard ps4 can offer in comparison to pro and i highly doubt any other game can afford the level of fidelity produced by knack, but pro can produce high quality 2d images in much higher resolution than the standard hardware. in short, pro is the answer for the visuals of knack. 3d9ccd7d82


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