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Twenty Minutes of Fame: Directed by Gary Kildall and written by Peter Holland.In the mid-1960s, the rock and roll band the Beach Boys toured America with a mission: Turn every club into a concert hall.A decade earlier, an entomologist had taken a study break from collecting specimens and was washing his hands in a restaurant when he noticed that the young lady with the check didn?t seem so young anymore. The close-up observation prompted the entomologist to find an active bee nest in an old beehive and make a copy of the queen bee. One of the pioneers of the device, he began work on an artificial bee colony.That?s the premise of the AMC documentary series Twenty Minutes of Fame. This episode, directed by Gary Kildall (Genesis) and written by Peter Holland (of Mr. Holland?s Opus), uses the format to tell the story of Melvin Miles, the entomologist (played by the actor John de Lancie) who became the first person to clone a bee.

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The School of Social Work is committed to providing professional social work education, characterized by the development of practice strategies that promote human rights and social justice. Recognized as one of the most progressive and socially responsive social work programs in Canada, the schools unique curriculum explores how critical social work practice, critical theories, research, advocacy and social policies can account for and challenge oppression and marginalization. York students are equipped for professional practice in a number social work arenas, from work with individuals and families to practice with communities, policy, research and international settings.


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