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FLCL (Dub) Episode 4

FLCL (Dub) Episode 4 =====

While the two six-episode installments were previously slated for late 2017 to early 2018, the staff announced at the panel that they are both slated for 2018 with a break in the middle. The two seasons will have completely separate stories. The staff previously announced that the 12 episodes will be a sequel to the 2000-2001 original video anime.

Quite the opposite actually, the dub feels natural and flows quite well from episode to episode. It is clear as day that the creators of the dub spent a lot of time making sure every line worked and was as true to the original story as possible.

A front-runner for the wildest anime ever, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo is a surreal show that is beyond goofy in every aspect. Each episode is a disjointed mess of hilarious sight gags and puns that don't have much to do with a central plot.

When it comes to horror anime, tension is the name of the game. Voice actors are key in ensuring characters seem genuinely scared, concerned, or disturbed. The talent behind the dub for the sci-fi horror anime, Parasyte, brings their A-game in every episode. The English dub's actors ensure that the characters have honest emotions in their voices.

Each episode follows a rag-tag gang of bounty hunters making their way through outer space, discovering new things about themselves and each other. There's something in this show for just about anyone to enjoy.

On March 24, 2016, Adult Swim announced that it is co-producing, with Production I.G., 12 new episodes of the series FLCL that will air on Toonami. Back for the new seasons are series creator Kazuya Tsurumaki, serving as supervisor with director Katsuyuki Motohiro (Psycho-Pass) and character designer Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Neon Genesis Evangelion). Also joining this season is writer Hideto Iwai (Last Dinner).[2][3]

On March 20, 2018, a teaser for the two new seasons was released and it was revealed that FLCL Progressive will premiere on Adult Swim's Toonami block in June of 2018, followed by Alternative in September. Adult Swim initially planned to simulcast the English subtitled version of each episode at as they aired.[4] However, the release of the subbed versions of Progressive and Alternative were pushed back to November to align with the Japanese release.[5] In Japan, FLCL Alternative will air as a feature film, opening in theaters on September 7, 2018.[6]

At 12:00 AM on April 1, 2018, the first English subbed episode of the series unexpectedly premiered on Toonami as a special April Fools surprise. This episode marked the first time a full-length Toonami series or movie aired with English subtitles. The English dubbed episodes premiered on Adult Swim's Toonami block from September 8, 2018 to October 13, 2018 at 11:30 PM.[1] After the initial airing of the series, reruns continued to air on Toonami through December 1, 2018. The series is rated TV-14-DLSV on Adult Swim.

FLCL, a classic six-episode OVA series from Studio Gainax and director Kazuya Tsurumaki (known for his work on Evangelion), is well known for being kind of confusing. Its blistering fast pace, wild animation style, and total disdain for holding the viewer's hand makes it difficult to follow on a first viewing. But after watching the series maybe a dozen times, I finally think I mostly get what it's about, and even noticed a few cool things that I missed on my first viewings.

This could probably be disregarded as another lie from her (she also claims to be a wandering housekeeper and a nurse), except that Commander Amarao brings it up again later in episode 4. While interrogating Naota he asks if he's heard of the 宇宙警察フラタニティ (Uchū keisatsu fraternity, literally Space Police Fraternity):

Naota's dad, Kamon, is a bit of an otaku. In episode 2 Naota mentions that he wrote an Eva book a long time ago, and he references Initial D and Gundam among others throughout the series.

In episode 3 the Medical Mechanica robot comes out of Ninamori's head rather than Naota's. This is because when he collided with her after getting hit by Haruko's Vespa (again), there's a very brief moment at 08:57 where you can see the N.O. channel being transferred.

Eighteen years after the Japanese premiere of the cult anime classic FLCL (pronounced Fooly Cooly or Furi Kuri), Adult Swim debuted the anime's highly anticipated second season. In 2018, FLCL Progressive gave anime fans six more episodes that brought back beloved characters like Haruko, Canti, and Atomsk while introducing some new ones.

In episode 1, "Re: Start," we meet Hidomi's classmates: Ide, Marco, and Mori. Ide is insinuating to Marco and Mori that he's having an affair with their teacher and how he wants to take her to an art gallery. He changes the subject to the skirt that Mori is wearing and how he can see Mori's underwear. In the Japanese version, Mori says "because you can look at Miss Shimazaki's panties all you want!" In the English dub, the comment includes the phrase "panty buffet."

FLCL: Progressive features recurring creepy dream/nightmares involving zombies, destroyed cities, and death. What's interesting about the opener for the second episode is a narration from a reporter who swaps Japanese and English words in the different versions. In the English version, she says "Bravissimo! Arigatou, world!" In the Japanese version, there is no "bravissimo" but she instead says "Thank you, sekai!" "Arigatou" is Japanese for "thank you" while "sekai" is Japanese for "world." Similar swaps continue throughout the season.

In episode 2, "Freebie Honey," Mori takes Hidomi to Ide's home so she can give him his worksheet since he was absent from school that day. Hidomi learns that Ide works a hard manual labor job where he and others are being whipped by some kind of foreman. In the Japanese sub, the foreman specifically calls out Ide for being a "brat," though the actual Japanese is much harsher. In the English dub, the insult was somewhere in between as he's called a "dickless brat."

In episode 3, "Stone Skipping", Haruko goes through a series of phrases before she lands on "tsundere" to describe Hidomi. In the Japanese version, she says "ren-dorama" (an episodic drama), "tsun-dora" (tundra), and then finally lands on "tsundere." In the English version, this became "tundra tsun-dora tsundere"

In episode 5, "Fool On The Planet," Ide is armed with Jinyu's guitar and he challenges Haruko at school. Ide has developed strong feelings for Hidomi and he tells Haruko that he wants her to stay from Hidomi and keep her out of Haruko's schemes. Haruko seems to be slightly impressed by his passion though she shows it in different ways in the two versions. In the Japanese version, she says that it was a cool line he told her, whereas in the English dub, she calls him a "white knight."

The very last episode of FLCL: Progressive, called "Our Running," takes the Japanese-English localization to the next level. Equipped with new armor and her own pink B.C. Rich Bich guitar, Hidomi goes up against miss "evil alien" herself and her iconic blue Rickenbacker 4001 bass. In the middle of their fight, Haruko yells out a phrase that diverges completely: in Japanese, she gives an informal way of saying "get out of my way!" to Hidomi, which is replaced in the English dub with "stop cockblocking!"

FLCL: Alternative is a 2018 anime series that serves as a sequel to FLCL Progressive. It aired on Toonami in North America between September 8, 2018 and October 13, 2018, consisting of 6 episodes. It also premiered in Japanese theaters on September 28, 2018.

FLCL: Progressive is an anime based on the original video animation FLCL written by Yōji Enokido and directed by Kazuya Tsurumaki. The series was written by Hideto Iwai and directed by Katsuyuki Motohiro. The series aired on Toonami between June 2, 2018 and July 7, 2018, consisting of 6 episodes.

Wahlgren's debut anime role was as Haruko Haruhara in a six-episode OVA series called FLCL. In an interview with Anime Tourist, she said that Haruko was the only character she got to audition for. She depicted her as close to the original dub but with some American interpretation to appeal to the audience, and depending on how she was drawn, she changed her voice range from cartoon and childlike to realistic. In a later review of the series, Bryce Coulter of was impressed by her character work: "she definitely gives Haruko that twenty-something, sarcastic and almost punkish persona." In 2018, it was announced she would be voicing in the new FLCL seasons, including as Haruha Raharu in FLCL: Progressive and reprising Haruko in FLCL: Alternative.

Wahlgren became a regular cast member for Fish Hooks, which premiered in 2010, where she voiced Shellsea and many supporting and guest characters. She landed the role of Tigress in the television adaptation Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness; the series premiered in 2011 and has run over four seasons. In 2012, she had the lead role of Allie Underhill in the action series Kaijudo, which spanned 52 episodes, and picked up roles in other cartoon shows such as Gravity Falls, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, and Winx Club. She voiced Meg, the starring love interest in the Disney short film Paperman which screened before Wreck-It Ralph in the theaters in 2012. In an interview with her school's alumni association, she said that she was asked to do the role because of her previous involvements in Bolt and Tangled. Recording for the film took about 30 minutes, mostly of vocal sounds. The short went on to win an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. 59ce067264


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