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[S4E9] Whats Love Gotta Do With It

Justine plans a prison wedding but she keeps it a secret; Melissa's high school crush is a con; Chelsea loves an inmate she's never met; Emily buys a ring with Dauri's stimulus money; Hottie surprises Tai. Air Date : 20th-Oct-2022 Read More

[S4E9] Whats Love Gotta Do With It

Samwell is in Maester Aemon's library, only to be surprised by the elderly blind man. Aemon knew it was him (who else would waste candles reading in the middle of the night?) and he asks him what he's perusing. Sam regales him with Maester Fall's texts regarding how wildlings treat prisoners of war, but Aemon reminds Sam that Maester Fall never even met a wildling. He then tells Sam that he once warned Jon that "love is the death of duty" and confronts Sam about his feelings for Gilly. Sam tries to deny it but Aemon states he could hear it in his voice and that he abandoned his post to read about these atrocities because he was more concerned with the possible fate of the girl he loves than the possibility of his own death. He reminisces to Sam about his old days as a Targaryen Prince, giving insight into what he left behind to serve at the Watch. As a Prince and potential future King, Aemon caught the eye of several highborn women and one woman especially tempted him. Sam is surprised at Aemon's recollections before the old Maester points out that the threat of imminent death makes anyone nostalgic and tells Sam to suck it up and go to bed.

Laszlo and Nadja reunite, both having failed apart. Now that Colin has had a growth spurt, things will be difficult for the club. Guillermo goes to surprise Freddie in England, only to find that his one serious boyfriend is now cheating on him -- and has found love with none other than Marwa-Freddie. With just one episode left in the season, the show will hopefully do justice to Marwa and Guillermo, who both deserve better.

While this is perhaps the broadest change that Roslin experiences in her between-jump visions, the other is the one that we have been expecting. Like a tin man struggling to find his heart, what Laura Roslin really needs is to love; considering all that she has lost, and the fact that she has resigned herself to death, her visions seem to imply that for her to truly provide hope for the human race she needs to find her own hope and accept that she is, in fact, in love with Adama. 041b061a72


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